Saturday, May 30, 2015

Dive into Swimsuit- Blog Hop Day 4

Day 4 of Dive into Swimsuits!!!!
How are you guys doing? Are you getting pumped up?
I've made the girls new suits, but I still need to make mine. 

You guys!!! I'm serious. 
I gasped out loud when I saw Kimberlee's sneak peek for her blog post. 
Snow White is my absolute favorite Disney Princess and.... I mean, can her little girl be any cuter?

Thank you so much Kimberlee for joining our blog tour. I'm so happy to have you!
This photo makes me so happy!

Hi guys! My name is Kimberlee and I'm the owner and blogger of Harper Creek Boutique!  I'm a self taught seamstress thats been sewing since I was in middle school (15 years ago!).  I started sewing swimsuits for my daughter, Brylee, last summer and wanted to share a couple things I've learned along the way!  Sewing swimsuits is fun, fast and super rewarding, so let's dive in! 

We also have Megan on the blog today! Yay! You know her as Made for Mermaids, but to me she's just my baby sister.

I'm so excited to have Megan on the blog because she is an awesome seamstress and also because any excuse to see photos of my sweet niece is awesome! (Even though Megan said she was being contrary during the photo shoot. ... I don't believe it.)

Hi! I'm Megan from made for mermaids. I love sewing swimsuits for Sophie, because she is so tall and thin. Ready to wear swimsuits just DO NOT fit her. Sewing swimsuits is the only option. (Thank goodness my Mom and sister design the cutest swimsuit patterns... okay... I (Cole) wrote that. I hacked my sister's intro....) 

For our give-a-way today you can win a copy of the Talor Tank Pattern by Made for Mermaids and use it as a great swimsuit cover up!

And also... enter to win a All 4 One Stylish Swimsuit Bundle~ it will include both girl sizes and the dolly size, too!

I'm going to make you guys some more youtube videos. I hope you've been enjoying them and learning something. Make sure to let me know if there's anything you want me to cover. 

Friday, May 29, 2015

Dive Into Swimsuits Blog Hop Day 3

It's Day Three! I'm so excited. 
Some of you may be looking for a schedule... ha ha ha... 
there's no schedule here. The swimsuits have to be finished and uploaded into the album in our pattern group by June 10th. That is when I will do the big give-a-way at the end. 

This week, we just want to educate you; show you some patterns, give you some tips and tricks and really encourage you to get started and get excited. Hey... we all have families and jobs and activities. I don't want you to feel rushed or like you are behind. Let's all just make a suit or a couple suits, okay?! I want you to have fun with it! And if you're ready and you want to make your suit, go ahead! Work at your own pace and we'll be here cheering you on!

Today we have two amazing guest bloggers and three give-a-ways!

First up we have Megan Thoman... you'll have seen her sweet kids and her pretty face around and I'm so excited for her to guest post today! I have been dying to see her post....

Megan, thank you so much for all your amazing work and for always being up for a challenge! 
You make testing so fun (and SO beautiful!)

Hi there! I'm Megan, from The Northern Belle. I'm a self-taught seamstress, and a swimsuit newbie. I've been scared to try one, ever since I started sewing with knits.  

I recently tested The Lakehouse Swimsuit for girls and dolly... and guess what? They are so much easier than I thought. Why was I so scared?! Check out my blog review of The Lakehouse and the Bow-a-licious Swimsuits by Cole's Creations here on my blog, The Northern Belle.

And next up we have Melanie Henry, the designer behind Filles a Maman. I'm so excited to have Melanie here with us today and I REALLY want the swimsuit she made. :) Anything with cats is a win at our house! (and hearts... swoon!)

Mel, thank you so much for joining in our blog hop! We're so happy to have you here.

Hi I am Mel from Filles à Maman. I live near the beautiful City of Québec, which is also the town of Jalie. Because we share the same passion, because I admire their work, because of lot of reasons, I had to met them in person. Today I am showing you how to make rashgard and swimsuit bottom with leotard and underwear pattern. More about those wonderful ladies and their patterns on Filles a Maman. 

For the give-a-ways today we have a Jalie pattern of your choice!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I'm also giving away a set of Lakehouse patterns!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

And a set of Bow-a-licious patterns!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thank you so much for Diving into Swimsuits today.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Dive into Swimsuits- Blog Hop Day 2- Horris and Deedle

My gosh guys! So much great information today from our guest blogger, Marnie. I'm just so thrilled to have her on our blog tour today. I think I've found a kindred spirit in her! We both love sewing 'swimmers' as they say down under. :) She has so many great tips and tricks for you! And she'll be introducing us to Boo Designs today and Kristie has kindly offered a THREE pattern pack to one lucky winner today!

Thank you so much Marnie and Kristie for joining in with our event. I'm so pleased to have you both.

And here is Marnie:

Hi, Marnie here. I live in Sydney Australia and blog over at horris and deedle, and also on the Pattern Revolution site as a member of their team. I absolutely love sewing swimwear, but despite being an experienced sewer, I didn't venture into it until last year. If you want to hear all about my swimwear sewing adventure, please pop on over and have a quick read of my blog. And then try it yourself!!! It's not hard and it is fun!

Hop on over to Marnie's blog and then come back and enter the give-a-way for today!
A Swimwear 3 pattern pack courtesy of Boo Designs. 

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Day One: Choose your pattern!

Okay guys... first thing's first... you have to choose a pattern.
Maybe you're making one for your child, maybe yourself, your doll. Whatever. You have to make a decision.

This is the first swimming suit I ever made. That was in 2012. After that, I decided to draft my own and that's when I came up with the All 4 One Stylish Swimsuit.

Lucy's so tiny and cute!!! Ella was very jealous... so I made one for her the same weekend. (I think in the same day.) Cutie pie!!! I miss those chubby cheeks!

Both these suits are still around and still being passed down to the younger nieces. Here's Sophie wearing one. Oh... she's so tiny.

After you get that first one made, then you can make another and another and another... until you've lost count of how many you've made!

If you still don't know what to choose, check out some of the swimsuits of our sponsors:

Boo Designs

Cole's Creations

Ellie Inspired


Patterns for Pirates

Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop

So many cute things to choose. I know it's hard, but choose one~ so we can talk about sizing and fit and fabric!!!!

Take a picture and upload it to our day one photo album in our pattern group!
I can't wait to see what you guys will be making!

Dive into Swimsuits!

Hey everyone!
So happy you decided to check in and Dive into Swimsuits with us!

I love sewing swimsuits. I love designing swimsuits. I love wearing swimsuits!
My kids live in swimsuits during the summer. One year, it's literally all Lucy wore.

I get a little sad when I hear ladies say they have never tried swimwear or that they are scared to try sewing swimsuits. I just don't know why...?
It's like saying, "I'm scared to eat candy." Crazy, right?

Sewing swimsuits is fun, economical, easy, and I think if you just try... you'll wonder what you were waiting for.

So... I've gathered a bunch of friends to help me talk you into trying it! This week, you are going to be hearing from some of the best designers in the business! Seeing some amazing show offs and reviews. Reading lots of tricks, tips, and tutorials and hopefully... we will motivate you to try your hand at a swimsuit. It can be for yourself, your child, a friend... whatever! It can also be any pattern!
That's right! I didn't want to limit it to just our patterns, because we only have three and they are all one piece. That leaves so many other designs and people out. So you can do women's, men's, boys, one piece, two piece, tankini, dolly swimsuit, leotard, whatever. YAY!

And if that can't talk you into trying... then check out all the amazing sponsors I have lined up. I am going to have a prize you can win every single day... then... TWO big give-a-ways at the end of the week. One you can win just by blog hopping and following along with us and one you can win by doing the sew-a-long and showing us your finished swimsuit!

Don't worry. We will give you time to finish your suit. You will have until June 11th to finish and photograph your suit. Also, the winner won't be chosen by who made the prettiest or best suit. You just have to participate and upload a picture to be entered. The winner will be chosen randomly!

If you're not a member yet, come over and join our pattern group. That is where we will be doing the sew-a-long.

And now... Here's Brooke!

Hi! My name is Brooke and I am super excited to say I was able to test the NEW Lakehouse pattern.  Even though I have been sewing almost 20 years I have never ventured into knits until now. Thank you so much Nicole for being able to test it and being able to review, not just 1, but 2 of your patterns! So come check out my review of it and her Bow-A-Licious pattern as well. 

Hop on over to Brooke's Blog: A Cattle Farmer's Daughter 

Then come back and make sure you enter our rafflecopter for today!

There are two prizes to raffle off! One winner will receive The Lakehouse Swimsuit Pattern for Girls and Dolly and one winner will receive the Bow-a-licious Swimsuit Pattern for Girls and Dolly! 

The give-a-way is only good today and the winners will be chosen tomorrow. That way if you win, you can use your pattern for the sew-a-long, if you wish! Good luck! Please leave a comment with your email address so that I can contact you.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The Lakehouse Swimsuit Pattern

We released our Lakehouse Swimsuit pattern for girls today!
Thank you so much to our beautiful cover models.

Our Lakehouse Swimsuit comes in sizes 1/2- 16 and is just darling as a swimsuit, but also doubles as a leotard pattern. Now that Lucy is in competitive gymnastics, we need a lot of leotards.

I got this leopard fabric from one of the fabric warehouses in Dallas and I just LOVE it so much.

I love being able to make her leotards, because she lives in them.
She really wanted this shot on the cover of the pattern. :)

I also love that you can use three different fabrics on this suit. I laid out EIGHTEEN different choices for fabrics. There are so many versions I want to make!

I made this one with the leftover scraps from my Mom's swimsuit. It's so pretty and has little silver glitter lines on it.

Our testers knocked it out of the park on this one, too. You are going to see some of this week if you follow along with our Dive Into Swimsuits week.

Here is a schedule of all the bloggers and designers that will be joining us in the fun!

I hope, so much, that you will sew along with us, as well. Starting tomorrow, I'll be adding some tutorials to get you started. I'm so excited!

If you still need to pick up a pattern, we have all of our swimsuit patterns on sale this week. But it doesn't have to be one of our patterns! Maybe you want to make a suit for you or use a pattern you already have on hand. It doesn't matter. Just sew a long with us!

And while you're shopping for suits, don't forget the dolls!
We have all of our dolly patterns on sale, as well.

Here's a shot of our girls dressed up in suits I've made over the years.

Our Lakehouse Swimsuit for Dolly also released today.
Our dolly version uses fold over elastic for the band and bow to make it quick and easy!

My girls love it so much when I make them matching dolly outfits. The smiles and "thank you, Mom"s are the best.

Is there anything sweeter than a girl and her doll?

Friday, May 22, 2015

Swimwear Week

I'm so excited about this guys!
I hear so many of you saying that you're scared of sewing swimwear or intimidated by swim fabric. No longer! Come join us for a week of everything swimsuits!
We'll have guest bloggers, 1st time swimsuit sewers, lots of tutorials, and prizes from some of your favorite designers!Get excited! I know I am!