Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Made for Mermaids: Back to School Blog Tour

Back to school clothes sewing has been pretty easy this year. William doesn't want anything, but a couple new raglan shirts and the girls have been happy with mostly some store bought jean shorts and tank tops.

When looking through pattern options, they fell in love with the Kelli Kimono and we are so thrilled to be a part of the Made for Mermaids Back to School Blog Tour.

Sewing for pre-teens can be difficult sometimes, but it has been a joy to sew these Kelli Kimono's. Not only are they are breeze to sew, but they are so cute and practical. That is why we had to make 5 of them; 2 for Lucy and 3 for Ella.

We made this one first, as a wearable muslin. I love it so much, because the fabric came from my Granny's basement, as did the trim on the sleeve. I just love using stuff of Grannys!

This polka dot one is my favorite Kelli Kimono we made. I bought the fabric from Hancock Fabrics before they went out of business. It's so pretty and Ella loves the pom pom trim.

The first photo shoot we set up wasn't very successful, so Ella made this little set up herself.
What a cutie pie!

She loves her Aunt Megan so much.

And all of Megan's patterns. :)

For the third Kelli Kimono we made for Ella, I was unsure about the fabric at first. It was another Hancock Fabric buy and didn't seem like the best quality to me, but it turned out really cute and I love the sweet colors. We didn't have enough trim to put it around the bottom, but I'm still on the lookout for some more because Ella loves the pom poms...but without a Hancock's, we are pretty much without a fabric store. wahhhhhhh......

Lucy fell in love with this brushed poly chiffon from my Mom's stash. It drapes so nicely in this Kelli Kimono and feels soft- which is a must for Lulu.

The sass is strong with this one.

You can see here, she stole my origami cat necklace from Thread and Grain. Grrr....

Another thing I love about the Kelli Kimono, besides the ease of it, is that it can be made in woven and knit fabrics.... and since it has to be soft for Lulu, we made another kimono for her of an ITY fabric- also from Mom's stash.

So super cute!

They love these so much, they have even asked for more. They may just wear Kelli Kimono's every single day. lol

And to sweeten the deal, along with this awesome blog tour filled with inspiration, my little sister is also offering
*20% off all patterns in the shop with code: M4MBTS
* a give-a-way on her blog
* and fun FREE downloads for size charts and a back to school checklist!

So don't forget to go check all of that out and also, remember to check in on all the awesome bloggers sewing up school clothes for this blog tour!

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Sew Americana!

Hey guys!
I'm so thrilled to join in on the fun for the Sew Americana Blog Tour hosted by my adorable friend, Katy, of Wild and Wanderful.

I signed up weeks ago, because I was working on this adorable American Flag quilt and I wanted a reason to kick it into high gear and get it done for Independence Day.

I absolutely LOVE how it turned out. It is based off of this Missouri Star Quilt company tutorial and I did use their tumbler template to cut out all the shapes. All 260 of them!!!

I've been planning this quilt for a long while now. It took me several months to collect that many different red/white fabrics. I didn't mind having some of them repeated, but I really wanted it to be scrappy looking. The problem is, I'm so new to quilting, I have to purchase all my scrap fabrics. lol
I've been much better about adding labels to my quilts lately. The trick for me is just not getting too fancy. For this one, I used a cute little pre-printed label that my Mom shared with me and wrote on it with one of those pigma pens.  It doesn't look as cute as my hand embroidery, but it's done and tells a story.

I had it machine quilted in town at Jana's Quilting. I haven't started trying to machine quilt yet. I'm still scared.

Originally I chose stars, but had been considering the baseballs and stars. When I told the Mr. that, he said, "I wish you would have picked the baseballs." So, the next day I called Jana up and asked her to change it. I'm so glad I did. The boys really love this quilt and most of the ones I make are pretty girly.

I picked one of those large backing fabrics from Connecting Threads from their Patriotic Mini's collection. It looks so cute and I was happy not to have to piece the back. I'm lazy like that. ;)

I don't know, once I've pieced the top, I'm  just really impatient to get it quilted. When I have to piece the back, too, (which I've had to do a LOT), it feels like I'm making two quilt tops.
This is the first quilt I've purchased a backing fabric for, but I love the ease of it. I chose this simple blue and white star for the binding. All done by machine (if you're wondering). I'm way too in a hurry to hand sew the binding.

It was so hot the day we took pictures of this quilt and it's actually the biggest quilt I've made to date, so the kids weren't really having fun helping me with the photo shoot, but Ella is so good about it. That's why she's my go-to. Plus, she looks so adorable wrapped up in my quilt. You can't even tell it was blazing heat. She's such a trooper!

I'm absolutely thrilled with this quilt. I see it getting lots of use over the years and hopefully passed down for many generations. Also... it's the FIRST quilt I have actually finished in time for the holiday it was made for... YAY!

I'm not sure we'll be snuggling up with it on the 4th of July, but it sure will look great draped over the living room couch!

It looks pretty cute with these feet poking out from the bottom, too. :) They had to reach up really tall to keep it from hitting the ground.

 And some outtakes of Ella's hair messing up and William helping her.
I wish I had a video of it. William is so soft hearted and sweet. He's such a good big brother.

Lucy was helping, too. She was the quilt holder. We had 5 to photograph that day!

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Take a look at the AMAZING lineup for the Sew Americana tour!
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As a special bonus for our readers, use the code ' SEWAMERICANA ' and enjoy a 20% discount at www.THREADandGRAIN.com  You'll find a ton of maker-inspired goodies!
 (All created by your tour guide, Katy, from Wild & Wanderful.)

Friday, March 25, 2016

Sabrina Skinny Pants Sew-a-long Day 3!

It is the last day of sewing!!! 
How have you enjoyed the sew-a-long so far? 
Leave a comment with something you learned or enjoyed from/about the sew-a-long in the comments!

Today I want you to get your waistband piece. Fold it an half and iron.

Now open it back up and put the short sides together and sew.

You will want to mark the waistband in quarters now. I used simple pins.

Align the raw edges of the waistband and pants and pin in quarters.

Sew the waistband on leaving a one inch ish space to thread your elastic through

Put the elastic through the waistband of the pants.

I always pin both ends of the elastic together once through so nothing gets twisted before I get the sewn... and then sew the ends together.

Now sew the space you left open closed and finish the edges of the waistband/pants seam.

ALL DONE!!! Time to try them on the kiddo!

We adore the comfort of these pants and the fit is spot on! I hope you all enjoyed this sew-a-long as much as I did!

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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Sabrina Skinny Pants Sew-a-long Day 2

Today we are going to get the majority of the pants together. Now, I'm going to warn you I will stray a little bit from the pattern today... Show you another way to do things - and this will mean tomorrow you get to skip page 20 entirely. It is a little more work today, but I like the finish and tomorrow it means less work. You can of course follow the pattern completely though! 

Get a front and back pant piece and line up the smooth sides and sew with a stretch stitch and then finish edges. Do this for both pieces.  and then press those seams to the back. Learn to love your iron!

As you can see on the left I also topstitched those seams to the back after pressing using the stretch stitch... I just like the look and the finish it gives the pants.

Get out your wonder tape or regular glue stick and fold up the hem of each pant leg (as seen on the right)and tack into place.

Now sew along the hem with a stretch stitch. 

AND HERE is where I differ from the pattern, I make sure to leave 2 inches unsewn at each end of the hem. Keep ready and you'll see why!

Now place the two leg pieces together. line up the curve edges as those are what you will be sewing together. Use a stretch stitch and finish the edges.

Now turn your pants about and line up your newly sewn front and back crotch seams. I like to give a little tack stitch at this point so they stay lined up.  

Now you will sew from one side to the other - when you do be sure to unfold those 2inches of unsewn leg hem and sew to the end.

Now fold the leg hem pieces back into place

Turn pants right side out, and sew the final 4 inches of hem on both pant legs. 

All done the main pant sewing!

and look how tidy the leg hem is!

Next up - the waistband! (and if you didn't do my way with the leg hems you will be doing page 20)
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