Wednesday, November 6, 2013

All Saint's Day Celebration

This year was our first All Saint's Day Celebration!
It was really fun to look thru all the saints and have the kids choose one.

It was pretty funny, too. William only wanted to dress up as a saint who donned a weapon.

 I guess this is pretty typical of most little boys, as evidence from what we found online.
He originally wanted to be the archangel Michael, but changed his mind at the last minute because he didn't want to wear wings.
So, we went with the ultra manly Saint George, the dragon slaying saint... with a homemade spear. The only thing we had to make for his costume, since this gladiator costume worked perfectly!

 He was a little unsure about dressing up this year (as it wasn't required), but he did.
I hate to see that magic draining out of him... kids grow up so fast. :(

Ella poured thru tons of images of saints, having me name them all, look at the photos, researched what patron saint they were.... all to choose which one was wearing the prettiest outfit. All the while, I was desperately trying to talk her into being the newest Catholic saint, St. Kateri Tekakwitha. And I finally won out! woo hooo! She took so long choosing, that the day before the celebration, I finally said, "Ella you have to choose one" and she said, "okay, I'll just be the indian!". yay.

I love how her costume turned out. It was really fun to make!

And she's just so cute with her little braids.

I used Simplicity pattern 5448 for the costume. It was super easy to make and I only have two complaints. The first is the way it's cut out. That whole costume is one piece, which makes it easy for seaming, but MAN! it eats up a lot of fabric! I bought 60" inch wide, so I bought less and ended up having to seam the bottom. No big deal, but it's a good thing to know if you're shopping for fabric. 

My second complaint is the opening on the back.... I just hate the way that looks. Given more time, I would have figured out something else... but as it was, I was finishing this up last minute. Hence the safety pins on the back. The collar was meant to be attached with snaps. 

I got all the trims at Hobby Lobby. The woven ribbon that was supposed to be used was too expensive for our budget. Even half off, I couldn't justify spending that much on a costume, so I bought an aztec-y fabric print and cut it into strips to make my own trim. I seamed it and ran it thru the bias tape maker to save time! Easy peasy!
I also chose to only do the trimming on the front of the costume and not the back, saving time and money!

Lucy was dead set on being Saint Lucy up until the night before the celebration and then for some reason, changed her mind and decided to be the Mother Mary. 

And what a sweet, precious Mary, she was. I wish so bad my Granny could have seen her. 

She wrapped that baby up in swaddling clothes (leftover muslin from the costume) and carried him around all day.

She and Ella even wore their costumes to mass that morning. The older parishioners really loved it. Especially Lucy... she was just so dang cute!

The costume was made with leftover muslin from my sister's wedding tablecloths and Simplicity pattern 2976. It was super, super easy to make and the sizing was right on. The trim I've had in my stash for years and Mom had in her stash for years before me. I had to search high and low for it, but I knew I had it somewhere and that it would be perfect... and it was!

The headpiece is actually just two big squares of fabric folded into triangles and attached at the back of the head with large diaper pins. The pattern envelope looks like more than that, but it's not, so I just serged the edges of the fabrics. Super simple... and definitely Lucy's favorite part of the costume. 

My little, sassy Mary, sweet Kateri, and manly George. 

Happy All Saint's Day!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Lucy is 7!

I just can't believe that she is 7 already...

and she was so excited for her birthday this year. She asked me every single day for weeks if it was her birthday yet.

She didn't even have to go to school, because it was an inservice day for the teachers. So we got a three day weekend! Oh yeah!

We made the most of it with present opening,


going to the park, making cupcakes,

eating lasagna,

playing apples to apples and having a dance party!

It was so much fun. Birthdays are the best!

Her dress is one of the blanks I picked up from the Applique Retreat Weekend. I can't remember what company it was, but I really love it... and MAN! it made making this outfit a breeze.

I let Lucy pick out an applique... of course, it was a cat.

She really loves the sleepy kitties for some reason. When given a choice, she always picks them.
Like this swimsuit and this RTW dress we embellished. 

The design is from Designs by Juju and I just added the little bow.

We have to girly everything up around here!

For my little pumpkin pie who is seven years old now.
I just can't believe it.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Making for Mermaids!

I didn't take many of Megan's orders, but the ones I did take were so fun to make!
I think I prefer dresses to boys clothes. :) shhh.....

 Tinkerbell dress!
So quick and fun to make. I really enjoyed seeing it hung up in my sewing area for a couple days!

Ariel~ I made a couple of these, but just photographed one.
This one is made using the 'As you like it dress' pattern by Jessica Fediw.

I also got to make a little headband to match!
Super cute, right?!
I used Lynnie Pinnie's feltie!

Deluxe Jessie Cowgirl:

And, my favorite one, Deluxe Snow White made with satin!
This dress is made using the Funktional Threads Lauren dress pattern. 

Lucy really loved the puff sleeves!

Check out my little sister's etsy shop! Made for Mermaids! Not only does she sell her adorable dresses, but she just recently started selling her designs as PDF patterns!

She is saving up to pay for my new nephew coming in April 2014! I'm so excited!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Sewing for Sailors!

Both of my little sisters have etsy shops.
Both sell Disney inspired costumes, dress up clothes, and everyday play clothes for kids.
Megan does mostly girl versions in her shop: Made for Mermaids 
Judy does mostly boy versions in her shop: Sewn for Sailors

Both have been SWAMPED this Halloween season, so I took some of the load off of them and helped with their customers. It was fun, but CRAZY! I just shipped out my two last Halloween orders on Monday, so I'm ready to show you all the work I've been doing!

I only took pictures of some of the costumes I made, because a lot were duplicates... but here is my Sewing for Sailors work.

This is our friends' adorable little baby, Brody! I mean.... come on! Can you get any cuter than that! He was the PERFECT model for me, too. Just smiling and being adorable and happy!

As Gaston (from Beauty and the Beast):

As Prince Charming (from Cinderella):

And, my personal favorite, Snow White's prince:

I made several of each of those costumes... the bigger ones, I made Lucy model.
ha ha ha

As Prince Charming!

As Gaston:

Knit Gaston:

Snow White's Prince:

I just love these....

ha ha ha ... isn't she funny?

And finally, Prince James (from Sophia the first)... she had to wear lipstick for this one... and it was a size 2... whatever....

I made lots of jon jon's.....

a Prince Eric

And a couple of tiny Prince costumes that were very fun to make!!!

I just LOVE Halloween and dressing up, so it was really fun to make all these costumes... except the Prince James ones... I hated sewing on all those buttons!!!

Tomorrow, I'll show you my Made for Mermaids slew... there aren't quite as many as my sewn for Sailors ones, but they sure are cute!

I can't wait to see photos of the little princes in their get up. So far, I've only gotten one customer photo and he is such a cutie pie!