Thursday, February 19, 2009

Cute fabric... ugly pattern!

Well.... my Mom says I always use the same patterns over and over.

Now I know why.... ugh!!!!
I tried out some new ones today... McCall's 5568 and New Look 6878- I bought these a while ago when the round neck outfits were really popular... and never got them made.

I wish I wouldn't have used this adorable Wizard of Oz fabric my Mom gave me... because I'm really unhappy with these dresses. The one Lucy is wearing was going to be Ella's.... but it ended up being shorter than the one for Lucy. So Ella is wearing Lucy's size .5 and Lucy is wearing the size 2. Go figure!

Anyways... these are the first in the spring line for the girls.


Mrs Bunny said...

I love this pattern..... sorry to say...but for NIGHTIES !! However, I do them fulllength.

My girls love it as it is so roomy and easy to wear for bed., also with the long length, they can run around after their bath or showers, and just be little girls - no knickers of course underneath (goot have that fresh air!) and no-one can tell.....