Monday, March 30, 2009

My Little Pony Dresses

Hailey and Lucy ordered a My Litte Pony dress from me... then Ella had to have one.... and I couldn't leave Emma out.

So I put four of these together during Spring Break except for the embroidery, which I did before I left. The embroidery design is from ( I love her embroidery files!) and the dress pattern is Claire by Portabello Pixie. I love it, too!

Now, I think I'm gonna have to make one for little Alyssa Grace!

Here is Hailey's!

Here is Emma's!

Here is Lucy's!

Here is Ella's!

and modeled by Lina!


Mom said...

Love the dresses. My little pony is to cute. Love the embroidery file. Cute Cute Cute.

Kris said...

So sweet! They turned out darling! There's nothing like adding embroidery to aprons on dresses. LOVE IT.

Janay said...

Those dresses are PRECIOUS!! Thanks for the link to the designs. ;)

Jenn said...

Those dresses are SO cute. Lina loved the one she borrowed!

Aussie Chic said...

Hi there,I've just come across your site with the "My Little Pony" dresses & was wondering do you make to order??I'm from Australia & would love to get one for my niece,could you please email me back any info on-
Thanks so much

Amanda said...

Oh my! These dresses are adorable! I love My Little Ponies! Seriously, I need to learn to sew this year!