Saturday, March 7, 2009

New Baby Bags!!!

I made these little baby bags for Liz and Ashley today.
I hope they like them. I am really happy with them!
I added a little pocket to the inside that I think will be great for holding paci's!
That wraps up my stuff for the baby shower that was today... and I missed :(

Now I have to work on Tanner and Ty's St. Patrick's Day stuff... if Tiffany ever sends me the boys measurements....

then I guess I need to work on Hailey and Lucy's My Little Pony dresses.
They have been requested several times.
Ha. Ha. Ha.
Those girls.


Mom said...

I like them both. Do you have any of the brown w/pink flower fabric left. I looked all over my sewing room for some of that fabric. I wanted to make Emma a skirt to match the one I made Sharon. Kourtney took pictures of the shower for you. She has a white w/ pink polka dots camera.

Liz said...

I love the bags, let me know how much you want for Ashley's and I will tell her. And , yes, you created a total monster with Hailey. She really is looking forward to her "blue pony horse dress"