Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Tired + Whiney Babies = No sewing

So.... the girls have been a little under the weather.
Jerry says it's because we played in the snow for a couple hours.... :/

Anyways... all they want to do is hold me, silk my hair, read books and sing songs.
So.... lots of itsy bitsy spider around here and no sewing.
Hopefully today.

I got to go to the fabric store by myself yesterday!!! Wooo Hooooo!... and I got the prettiest fabrics to make a Hooter Hider for Liz and some matching aprons for Sharon and Emma Daisy! I can't wait to put them together!

Here's some pics of the girls falling asleep on me at about 4:30- with our favorite blanket in the world- thanks Sharon!!!!!


Mom said...

Poor little babies. Thier cheeks are so flushed.