Saturday, April 18, 2009

Attack of the Hooded Towels

They're done and in my etsy store.
With the exception of the Jack which Ella had to have and the Pink Panther which I decided to send to Emma.

Okay... the design info:
The lil' Wildcat fan was digitized by my little sister, Megan.
The owl came from a seller on ebay (that I love) called tigerlilyhillembroiderydesigns.
The Pink Panther and the Jack Skellington came from Stitch on Time
The dinosaurs came from sewing for sarah
and all the towels came from Wally World.
If you love these and want to make some... there's a tutorial here.

And another great tip for embroidering on towels... make sure that you always put WSS (water soluble stabilizer) on top of the design so that the little towel loopies don't jumble up. You can still see some of it on my UK towel, but it will come off when it's washed. My Mom bought me a bunch of those soluble laundry bags that they use in the hospital (they just put all the soiled laundry in them and throw them in the wash so that they don't have to touch the icky stuff.... anyways, they are much cheaper than buying the stuff at the fabric store and I think it even works better!)
My Mom bought them from a medical supply website.

and then I have some contests for today! This is the greatest invention ever!!!

Over at Buente Fabrics, you can win this pile of fabrics... love them. I want the knit especially- wouldn't that make some more cute panties for Boo Boos! Just go to her blog and comment on that post to enter to win! And share with me if you do win.... he he he.

and then.... over at jessekate designs she has a really great contest going on.
Look at these thingies! I want some soo bad. And I love her blog too!

These are called Dripsticks... one side has an opening for a popsicle and the other side for an ice cream cone. Man! What a great idea. We need these for our new Blue Bell mint chocolate chip chocolate bars... if you haven't tried those... go get some. They are TO DIE FOR!
on another note: I quit my diet.....
hahahahhahahahhahahhaahha... damn Blue Bell.

and the last one... You can win this amazing sewing machine... just go to the website and leave a comment. I am actually really excited about this.
I have always wanted to be able to quilt. I know I'll never be as good as Grandma, but I would still like to try. After all, what else am I gonna do with all this fabric???

So... go enter those contests... and tell your friends to go buy my hooded towels.

I'm going to the library to research whales with the kids.
Then I'm gonna come home and make some toys!
I got my chenille in the mail last night... woo hoo!


KiraLynB said...

You can get those drip sticks at Hobby Lobby. I got some for my DD, but she didn't care for them.
Kira aka Toadstool