Monday, April 13, 2009

The Easter Bunny came to town... and Flintstones dresses

He came to town and brought each of my girls and my boy baskets full of Easter joy. Is that how the song goes???... Anyways.

Despite the fact that it rained the whole day and that Jerry was gone at work most of the time, we still had a Happy Easter.

At least the cats enjoyed the rain- aren't they getting big?

The morning started early... too early for me and Lucy... but we made it.
That naughty Easter bunny hopped on our kitchen table to get his carrots!!!

This is the best idea my Mom ever had.
I wish I would've thought to post about it before Easter so you all could do it... sorry. But maybe for next year...

When my big brother was a little boy, my parents lived in New York and it was snowing on Easter. Mom says that there were dog tracks in the snow and Michael thought they were Easter Bunny paw prints.... that led to this brilliant idea.

Just cut out some paw prints out of a file folder- I cut two so it goes faster- and then just use a powder puff and baby powder to leave pawprints around the house. The kids LOVE it!!!! What am I talking about.... everyone loves it.

Then we had an Easter egg hunt in the house,

VERY FUN! All my kids have very different searching styles.

William was only concerned with finding the BIG egg that he knew had $5 in it.
Ella was going crazy fast dumping all the eggs in her basket- regardless of gender, size, color... whatever. She wanted them all!
and Lucy wanted to eat all the candy out of the one she found before searching for another.

That girl.... ate more candy than I've ever seen anyone consume in my life!

and then we dyed Easter eggs! What kid doesn't love that???

So all that... in addition to: talking to our family and friends on the phone, watching a variety of Easter movies, reading a zillion Easter books and having a nice long bath! What a day. William fell asleep in a record 8 mins. All of them were in bed asleep by 8:30. So I made these two dresses for the girls for the summer.

It's pattern Simplicity 2946. It's one of the easiest patterns I've ever made. They went together in about 30 mins. each. Amazing! Granted, I already had them traced off and cut out.

The fabric is a small scale Pebble Flintstone quilting cotton that I had to have. I bought it from along with lots of other fabrics I need to make into stuff. hahahahahahahaha

I like the dresses... but I think they are a little plain. I'm thinking about adding a fabric flower with some animal prints or something... or ric rac... I don't know.
What do you guys think??? Too plain???

So.... I have two small etsy orders I need to work on today and then I'm off to the fabric store to get some chenielle to make William's fox! I can't wait to put him together.


Mom said...

I can't believe you gave away the magic bunny print secret. Oh well lots of fun for everyone.
I think the pebbles dresses need some tim.

Janay said...

I've had such a busy week I haven't been by to see what all you've done. MAN! You've been busy too! Love the matching Easter outfits. The bunny applique is so cute and springy!