Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Go Cats!!!

Well... being that my Grandparents live in KY... we are huge UK fans.

So, of course, it was a pleasure to make this lil' Wildcat fan set for my Aunt Sherri to give to the new baby in our family. He's my cousin's child... so I don't know what that makes it to me??? But it was fun to make and I hope Bill, Wendy, Sutton and Aunt Sherri like it! The fabric came from Hancock Fabrics- one of the great things of living here- they carry UK fabric in cottons, fleece, and flannel year round.

I made a receiving blanket- which are the best in the world. Once you have handmade- you don't want anything else. Those store bought ones are sooo puny. They have to be large- I make mine 45 inches square. Perfect for swaddling up those large babies!
And I couldn't resist adding one of these... dog toys... for the baby (it says it's for dogs... but he can't read) They come from Gail at ggdesigns and I love them. I've used them a thousand times for dog, cat and human babies!

I also made a baby blanket with fleece and flannel- my favorite materials to make baby blankets with. This one has a little basketball applique that was free on sewforum.... I don't know who gave it. I'm sorrry. And the font was digitized by my little sister Megan. Thanks Meeegan.

Then to top the whole thing off- one of my hooded towels. So cute! It still has some WSS on the top- but that will wash away. I wish I had some more baby boys to sew for.... sigh.

and then I finished off Miguel Jaime's present today.

I just bought one of those stretch canvas's at Hobby Lobby. I used spray adhesive to mount the fabric on the board, stretched it across, and stapled the crap out of it. Then I added the little ribbon to hang it. I wanted to add a bow... but didn't think Michael would go for that. Anyways... I like it.

The design was free on sewforum from Misty.

While I was putting it together, William wanted to make something for Michael too. So he called him to see what he likes and Michael said, 'money'. William drew some European money- because it has colors and Michael playing basketball... isn't it sooo cute! And there's a money sign on the back.
It says 'William to Mikil'...

I love it. But I won't be a cheeky monkey... like my brother... I will send it to him.

Gonna go get ready for dinner!
For breakfast tomorrow... make some pancake mix and then dump in a bag of instant cinnamon apple oatmeal. Yummy!!!! It smells divine and tastles divine! Try it.


Mom said...

Sutton's stuff turned out so cute. I'm sure they'll love it. Michael's little sign turned out great. Williams picture for Michael is so so sweet. I believe Sutton is your 2nd cousin once removed. But wouldn't bet the house on it.