Monday, April 27, 2009

It sure is Monday!

I don't know why it sure is Monday... I just like that song.

Well... I've been working on some random things this morning.

Here are some p.j's I whipped up for W the other morning.
The fabric is from Hancock Fabrics and the t-shirt is from Hobby Lobby. I got 20 of them the other day when they had them 1/2 off: 10 for Jakey and 10 for W.

I didn't want the orange tiger to be on the orange t-shirt- so I appliqued the tiger (which comes from sewing for sarah) onto some scraps of the fabric- sewed another piece to the back- wrong sides together and then sewed it to the t-shirt raggy quilt style. This photo is before the washing machine did it's thing with it- and it is sooooo cute. As planned: the washing machine ragged it up and made it even cuter!
Plus, I didn't have to applique directly to the t-shirt- which I absolutely hate.

Then I made William a hooded towel this morning. I've been on his list for making one for everyone except him. He chose Patrick, who came from Tigerlilyhillembroiderydesigns. I can't wait for him to get home from school so I can show him.

I download free designs from sewforum all the time, but I seldom use them. But I knew I would have to use this one for my big brother, who not only loves the Beatles, but also has a little boy with autism- my nephew Jakey. I am going to make it into 'something'... I don't know what yet for his birthday on Cinco de Mayo.
The fabric around it came from and I've been dying to make something out of it!

And... now that this item has been received I can share it on here. I made this little pillow for my etsy shop... isn't it cute! The princess applique came from tigerlilyhill and the font on Sophia came from ggdesigns.

Today, I have two more projects to work on: making a t-shirt for me to match the skirt I made ( I haven't shown you yet....) and then I am going to make some UK stuff for Aunt Sherri to give my new cousin Sutton! fun, fun, fun

Now... when am I going to get to those flower girl dresses???


Mom said...

Love your tiger pj's William.

Grandma said...

Love the princess pillow, Michael's Beatles pillow- neat, and love the spongebob towel.