Friday, April 24, 2009

It's a Love Story....

baby, just say YES!.....

woo hoo!!!! I'm going to the Taylor Swift concert tonight!
My husband surprised me with tickets for Valentines Day.
This is the first time in our (almost 8 year marriage) that he's bought me something like that and I am sooooooo excited!

I love her! She's young and pretty, loves her Mom and writes all her own songs. She's the best! If you don't have all her albums... then go get them. She's awesome.

I'd say that going to concerts and the movie theatre are the two things I miss most from being young and childless. The last concert we went to was when William was about 8 months old- we went to see George Strait at Texas Stadium and it was so hot and loud for the baby that we had to leave... it was devastating! and I'll never forget how mad Judy was at me for "wasting" the tickets. Sorry Judy. And while I've managed to see George live several times in my lifetime... Judy has still, yet to go.... she's probably still mad at me, even after 5 years.

But anyways...
I made these little hooded towels for the little girls whose folks are babysitting for us tonight. I was told they love Scooby Doo and Hannah Montana- so there you go.

The Scooby Doo applique came from Tigerlilyhillembroiderydesigns on ebay. Hers is one of my favorite sites for difficult to find appliques.

The oval frame came from Designs by Juju. I use those frames all the time- they are really handy. The Hannah Montana fabric came from Wal-Mart and when I pulled it out this morning... reminded Ella that I was supposed to make her some jammies out of it... oopsies!

and I really hurt myself on the embroidery machine making those this morning. So I think I'm done with the machines for the day. I might cut something out... we'll see.

Have a great weekend everyone.
I know I'm gonna have fun tonight!


Liz said...

Yeah for you and Jerry! I hope you have an awesome date night!!

Mom said...

How did you hurt yourself? Needle? I'm excited for you getting to see Taylor Swift. I love her music too. The towels turned out cute. Love Ya

Kourt/Avid Reader #2 said...

I'm still mad about that George Strait thing too...and I'm pretty much the most jealous person in the world of Taylor...I love her...and I'm studying all weekend. BOOHOO...I need to see pictures...NOW :)