Thursday, April 9, 2009

It's Raining Panties!

Okay.... so Ella needs undies....
no more.

Look what I made tonight. Aren't these the cutest undies you've ever seen!
They have to have cute ones 'cause you guys know that's all they ever wear around here!

The pattern (thanks to Mom) came from That Darn Cat and it is awesome!
These are size 4 and fit pretty good.
Ella's favorite are the Smurfette ones- that were meant to be Mama Bear ones... but oh well. Which are your favorite???

Side note: I've had that Smurfette patch and rainbow patch in my stash for-EVER!

and the little Made by Mommy label came from Digistitches. I just love those!

These undies are made from mere scraps of knit- all from Mom's sewing closet- and just ribbing around the legs and waistband.
They are so easy to put together and so fun to make, too.
I can't wait to make some more!!!!


Mrs.Fitz said...

OH!!! I loved when Mom would buy me pretty panties! She's a very lucky girl to have a mommy that can make them!

Liz said...

I love those! Do they come in fat mommy sizes?? ;)

Grandma said...

Love Momma Bear and pink/purple cat w/ bows.
Happy Easter

Kourtney said...

i want some :)

Ashley said...

Those ARE cute! Ok....maybe underwear will be on my list soon.....but NOT shoes.....