Wednesday, April 8, 2009

More stuff and a three year olds style

My good friend Michelle tells me she doesn't know who everyone is.... so here's the rundown.

I've been wanting to make the boys some more towels, because they love the other ones I made... even though they were really cranky!!! Mom purchased the towels... so here they are!

For my Cookie Monster loving nephew, Jacob (Micheal's youngest boy)
The applique was digitized by my little sister, Megan!

and here's one for my sweet little Dylan (Michael's oldest son and MY Godson)
The applique came from Tigerlilyhillembroiderydesigns on Ebay.

and here's one I made for Alyssa (Baby John's new baby and MY Godbaby) and forgot to take to Texas... sorry Grapes!
Another design digitized by Megan!

Isn't the the cutest picture of my big brother???

Sorry Daisy.....your present isn't done yet. (Emma Daisy- Michael's youngest child who takes after me!!!)

My Mom made that beautiful Dorothy dress she's wearing!

and I guess I will need to make Hailey (Baby John's oldest daughter with the prettiest hair in the world!!! She's the Snow White with the cute dimples) another new dress to give Liz a break from the laundry room... tell me what you need Hay-yah!

Man... this is a long post!

and some new things for etsy...
The embroidery files are by Sewing for Sarah- I love her stuff!

and... last, but not least- some photos of Ella!
She puts all these barrettes in her hair and says "Aren't I stylish?"
This is what she put on to go to Wal-Mart yesterday.
Doesn't she look pretty in her "Christmas outfit"?

... that's all for today!
Have a great one!


Michelle said...

Now I've got everyone straight! Thanks for the clarification :) So, that's 8 grandkids for your parents, plus any that the girls have...I bet you have fun, chaotic Christmases!!

Cole's Corner said...

You have no idea.
It's crazy!