Saturday, April 11, 2009

Sewing, baking and a looming holiday- the perfect weekend!

So I finally broke down and made some Easter outfits this morning.

It's so hard for me to make an outfit for just one day of the year, but since my little ones love bunnies- I figure they will wear them again. I made the girls little dresses from this awesome vintage pattern from Mom's house.

I love it. This is the 6th dress I've made from this pattern. I had to lengthen the bodice from the original to accomadate the applique that I was using. The bunny came from Lynnie Pinnie's website and stitched out perfectly. I have a feeling I will be using it often.

I almost always trace out my patterns- out of cheapness and for the fact that I always have to make adjustments. Plus... you never know when they will discontinue your favorite pattern. I use vellum paper and acid free markers to trace them off. It doesn't take that long. I highly reccommend it.

Plus... I had to add a ruffle, of course... and make matching bows.

Poor babies- I made them go out in the freezing cold to get these pictures... and after I had washed their hair, too. Don't worry- I snapped em fast.

And for William's- I made him a little appliqued t-shirt to wear tomorrow with jeans or khaki's and then some jammie pants to match so he can wear em as jammies after Easter. He loves bunny rabbits- but I worry that this is to baby-ish for school.

and for the baking.

Yesterday, Ella and I made a yummy dessert from Sandra Lee called Cherry Pear Buckle. It was soooo good. I think it would be better as a winter time dessert though. Smells great when it's cooking. Ya'll should try it!
Isn't she cute???

and then this morning I made some berry-sour cream muffins... yummmm!
Everyone loved them and I was really proud of how pretty they turned out.

and just two last pictures...
this is just Ella relaxing and Lucy falling asleep just now.

They were pooped out... Jerry had them playing outside all morning while I was sewing and watching Ferris Bueller's Day Off. What a great Saturday!

Have a Happy Easter Everyone!


Mom said...

Dresses and shirt very cute. All the food sounds good. I'm hungry.
Happy Easter.