Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wacky Wednesday!

Let me tell you why it's wacky:
1. I took a shower before midnight
2. I wore my contacts
3. I put on make-up
4. I put on clothes... and shoes!
5. I made myself a skirt!

I didn't think I was going to like it... and this fabric really gave me some trouble, but I really like it. And Jerry LOVES it. That's why he took a zillion pictures of me... some I had to erase. He loves to take pictures of my boobs. Sigh. Just what I need... pictures of that hanging around. Thanks honey....

Anyways... here it is.

The pattern is Simplicity 2609- View B- no adjustments, in a size.... big.
But I still haven't gone back on that diet.... :?

The fabric I've had forever and always loved it... was just worried I'd look like a big, fat, old Minnie Mouse. I also purchased these shoes a LONG time ago at Ross for the day that I made something out of this fabric... yea! today's that day! And I still think these shoes are awesome! Here's a picture of me admiring them.....

and a picture of me tripping- because I can't walk in heels anymore... too many babies and slippers these days.

The fabric on this skirt is really see thru chiffon... but it gives me the perfect reason to wear this old slip that belonged to my Granny- isn't it pretty.

I think I'm gonna make this skirt again in red and white gingham. I've always been a fan of that fabric and I have these awesome shoes from my Mom from Christmas.

Mom says it's not in style to be 'matchy matchy' anymore... but I just can't help myself.... is red and white gingham too Green acres???

and then here's a skirt I made a few weeks back. I just didn't have any good pictures of it- only some W took with my head cut off.

I like this one too- it's pattern Simplicity 2655 and the fabric is from Hancock Fabrics. I think it's a little too stiff for this style.... I'm going to make this skirt again in something else, because I really like the fit. Although, no one seems as enthused as me about it...

and then here is a little dress that I made for Megan's honeymoon. It's going to be way to big on her- as it is big on me too- but I'm waiting to adjust and hem it until I see her in a few weeks. (Hooray!)

It's McCall's 5842, view A. I want to make this again for me in a different fabric. For this one, I took out the zipper and made it out of knit- which is super comfy and soft... but I think I would like the fit better with a zipper and I think I'll use a smaller shoulder size and make a full bust adjustment. I don't like how the sleeves hang over my shoulders. The fabric for this one is from Hobby Lobby and was expensive for me... but I thought Megan would look really cute and tan in it.

Aren't you proud of me Megan... I bought jewelry to match my clothes.... doesn't it make my boobs look smaller... ha. Nice try...

I've had several questions about my labels. I get them from Namemaker.
It takes a while for them to come in and they're a little pricey, but I love them. I use them for my etsy shop and for my personal stuff. I just think they're cute!

and.... here is part of my spring cleaning: ahhhh.... I love it.

I think I'll go hang out in there right now and read some more of "Captive of my Desire".
Have a great Wacky Wednesday!


Mom said...

Your room is clean- that is wacky. Love the yellow skirt. It works. Don't like the black shirt with your blue skirt. Needs another color with it.

Janay said...

I'm so impressed! I don't think I'll ever have the guts (or time) to try to sew for myself. Your skirts and dresses are wonderful. Can I send you my measurements?? ;)

Megan said...

awww i LOVE those skirts!! BOTH of them (like dumb and dumber) skirts are pretty on you! the yellow shoes are too cute too!! if they were taller and smaller i'd steal them! i am so proud of you for buying jewelry and cleaning and making yourself skirts!! i love that dress for me too! i just need a new belt that fits and i'll cinch it! i boo on red gingham : /

Liz said...

You look so cute!! I love the skirts!! I think its cute how Jerry was so "gah gah" over you dressed up that he did a photo shoot. Good for you for finally making yourself something. Hailey liked the "yedow Fottey skirt" aka Yellow spotty. :)