Thursday, April 16, 2009

What I've been up to...

So... two days without posting. Man! My avid readers (Mom and Kourtney) are probably going crazy!!!.... ha ha ha

Anyways... here's what I've been up to.

First, cleaning out the kids closets and dressers (which is SUCH a chore)and transitioning winter wear out and spring/summer wear in.
The good news is... my kids don't need any clothes.
The bad news is... what am I gonna do with all the fabric I have to make clothes for them???
I hope the nieces and nephews need some clothes!!!
I've been working on making some more t-shirts for Jake Bake!
Those will be coming soon!

Then I cut out five of the six flower girl dresses for Megan and Lance's wedding.

Ella isn't trilled about the fabric and William was pretty worried about not having something special to wear.... but don't worry... he remedied that.
Called Megan to find out 'what the deal was' and now he's a ring bearer too.
What a fart.

And... I've been working on some stuff for my etsy store. All custom orders.

Sorry Alyssa... Mary Ashley bought my little bird towel and also ordered this sweet little binky bib for a friend. I love how it turned out and it was especially fun to do since I really wanted to name my girls Rose and Jerry wouldn't go for it.

Then I made these cute little brother/sister shirts for my cousin Tiffany.
I'm pleased with how they turned out even though I have to say these give me NO pleasure to make. Pain in the... you know.
I only make these for my favorite people in the world.... Tiffany and Lindsey.

can you tell I need a new ironing board cover? Man! is that one old and heinus... I think I may make a new one with this awesome fabric I got in the mail the other day.
Have you ever seen anything so great?... me either.

I dream of having a real sewing room with all the drapes and sewing machine covers made out of this fabric.... ahhhhh.... that would be so AWESOME!!!

and finally... bought this little onsie for Alyssa at Wally World the other day. I knew Liz would like it because it is adorable and it's stripes.

So I embroidered her name on the tushy! How cute is that.
I just hope I get to see her again before it's too small.
Don't get big baby Alyssa!

I have one other etsy project I made... but it's top secret so I can't show it until later... or I'll have to kill you.... wahahahahahahah

So... that's what I've been up to.
Let me show you what the girls have been up to....

Can you tell what time it is???
Just follow Ella and Lucy and they'll show you a great table scape too!


Mom said...

Love the fabric, cute bib and shirts. Stop letting them watch Sandra Lee. I finally guest blogged.

Grandma said...

Oh by the way Alyssa already weighs 10 pounds- better mail the onsie.

Michelle Riley said...

As avid reader #3, I was definitely wondering what you had been doing! :)

Kourt/Avid Reader #2 said...

Oh I was checking so much...I love everything and that fabric is AMAZING! BTW I haven't sent out the invite but maybe consider coming in town May 23...graduation party :) kids welcome as always haha. I miss you guys too much! More pictures of lucy goosey!

mashley said...

Yeah...I suck for just now looking at this, but thank you so much! I LOVE the bib! It is even cuter than I imagined.
And yes, that fabric is really, really cute.