Friday, May 1, 2009

Bow, wow, wow... Yippee, O, Yippee, A

Two dog towels and one owl towel on the way... to my shop for a custom order.

I really love my new idea of lining the hood... anything to do with fabric is my favorite! My original plan was to do bias binding around the towel... but I pretty much hate making my own bias, because it feels so wasteful to slash thru the middle of the fabric. This is much better and less time consuming.

The applique on the doggy towels came from Designs by Juju's Barnyard pack. I love that set! I'm not really a dog person... ( I know, I know... Sherri, Michelle, and Megan are like... what? how can you not like dogs?????... but they are stinky and drooly and smell your butt.... anyways
I really like these little towels even if they have dogs on em... especially the brown dog. Awww.... he is too cute... he doesn't smell!

the fabric on both of the towels came from Hancocks.

The fabric on this one came from Hobby Lobby and the owl applique (which is one of my all time favorites came from Tigerlilyhillembroiderydesigns on ebay) I think this is the first design I ever bought with my own money and it's still one of my all time faves! Of course, anything with owls reminds me of Granny... and William when he used to be deathly afraid of owls... ahahahhahahhahahhahaha... that was so funny.

Well... my internet and phone went out for a LONG time today... so I've been busily organizing all my embroidery designs on the computer- they are in total CHAOS!!!
It's taking FOR-EV-ER! But it will be nice when it's done. I've forgotten about so many cute designs I have.

Have a great weekend everyone.


Anonymous said...

I like how you are now putting in a linning into the hood. How are you doing that? Thanks

Beth Conky said...

I like them all but the owl is supper cute.

Cole's Corner said...

I just make another hood out of the fabric and sew it to the hood before stitching it to the bath towel.

Jodie said...


I love your blog!! I think you have a lovely life and your kids and crafts are adorable!

I thought your hooded towel instruction were great...but how do you line the inside of the hood? I am VERY sewing challenged until I sew the same design multiple times (I don't imagine well)and I have a request to sew a hooded towel this weekend. Any chance you will be doing a tute on the hooded towel lining???

Keep up the great work!!