Thursday, May 14, 2009

The cutest soda jerk you've ever seen!!!

So.... William had his Kindergarten graduation party tonight. I don't know why... since he doesn't get out of school until the 29th... but oh well.

It was a sock hop theme and it was super fun! They had a little show and the kids sang songs and got their diplomas. William got a special citizenship award as the boy for his class. And I must say... he was the best dressed kid there!

Isn't he cute.
(I just can't help myself from posting all these pictures... I'm sorry.)

We all got into the theme tonight.
Lucy wore her 'I love Lucy' apron dress that I made her this past Halloween,
Ella wore her Bumble Bee diner dress that I made a few months ago and
I wore my Lucielle Ball Queen of the Gypsies shirt.
Jerry is a square... he just wore his work clothes.... boring!

So... for the sewing part.
I worked on this all day... so I had to take a 10 minute shower and go to the thing with wet hair.... hahahhahha.... what's new???

Anyways... the apron was from Hobby Lobby (which are half off this week- so it cost me a whooping $1.50) and I just appliqued and embroidered it.
The sundae applique came from and stitched out beautifully! The font is one that was free on sewforum and the nice lady from 8 claws and a paw made the file for me too! I love it. (I wish I knew her real name to thank her... I only know her as flipflopsindecember...???
William picked all the fabric and thread colors for his apron. I think he has a good eye!

The bow tie is from pattern McCall's 4290 and was really easy.
The hat pattern is from Simplicity 3836- I thought the directions were a bit confusing and this is the first time I've ever used piping... but I love that hat!

I've always wanted to make that little costume for me for Halloween... well, really I just want an excuse to go roller skating! ha. Maybe this year... we'll see.

Anyways.... more photos tomorrow. I have so many cute ones from my trip.

It's good to be home though.
I really missed William and Jerry.....
and of course... my sweet Pookers.
cute, cute, cute

I'm tired.


Grandma said...

William you are the coolest Soda jerk ever. So proud of you getting the Super Citizenship award.

Mom said...

Nicole it turned out so cute. Love it.

Liz said...

Best dressed indeed. If I never have a son I may just kidnap William, ok? I'll trade you some babies! ;)
Your kids are all so stinking cute, I miss them so much!