Friday, May 29, 2009

End of the year teacher gifts

William picked out who he wanted to give gifts to and what he wanted them to be.
Bird towels for Mrs. Byrd- his homeroom teacher
A snowman bookmark for Miss Snow- the librarian
and a keychain for Mrs. Tilton- the principal

I think he did pretty good.

The owl is my favorite from tigerlilyhill- who has nothing listed on ebay anymore
The flamingo and the bird are from designs by juju
The snowman is from sewing for sarah
and the keychain is from five star font's by anita

and since I was making towels... Ella wanted another cupcake one.
She picked out all the fabric and the design.
The happy cupcake is from sewing for sarah.

Now I have to pack and clean... it's off to Vacation!
I can't wait to see everyone!
I don't know how much I'll be posting.... I'll try to keep up.


Mom said...

Love the bird appliques. So cute. Hurry home but drive very carefully.

Michelle Riley said...

Those are all so cute! The kids look adorable dressed up, too. Call me when you are home, maybe we can meet up.

Natasha Designs said...

Beautiful :)

BConky said...

Gave you a lovely blog award at
check it out.