Monday, May 25, 2009

Is it Monday...

It doesn't feel like it... with the holiday and everything, plus... no more 24. I'm so sad.
If you don't watch 24... you don't know Jack.
ha ha (my Mom told me that )

anyways... I was pretty productive this weekend.
I made Lindsey's graduation bag and an i.d. holder, plus 4 more i.d. holders for my other little graduating girlies, two ties for the wedding ring bearers, Alyssa's dress, and started Tenley's birthday dress.... oh.... and I also went to the big sale at Hancocks and got some awesome new patterns, just a little fabric, and some great notions half off! Yippee!

the pictures.....

If you want any of the fabric or pattern info... just send me a message.
I'm too tired to look for all of it right now.....
good night.


Mom said...

They are all cute. But love Rachaels best. Alyssa's dress is so cute and tiny. Love the ties.