Friday, May 22, 2009

Owls everywhere!

I starting making these for my etsy store and I just couldn't stop.
They are just too darn cute!

I got these hand towels from Target. They're called barmops and I really like them. They're a little smaller than a regular towel, but a little wider, too.

The applique came from ebay and of all the embroidery files I have, this is the one I've used the most. I really love her little eyelashes! I don't see it listed on there anymore... so no link, sorry.

These just make me smile and think of my Granny.

And here's a towel I appliqued for my store, too.
Ella wants it, of course. And I'm pretty sure Michael and Dylan do, too.
Maybe if it doesn't sell.....

The applique came from A Stitch on Time.

Still.... Waiting to talk to the principal....


Janay said...

That is such a cute owl! If you ever track it down (it looks familiar...) let me know. Annaliese's school mascot next year is an owl, and I'd love to add this applique to my collection!

Mom said...

I like the ginham and polka dot owl and the first one that's brown w/ flowers. All cute. Like Jack too. But if you don't watch 24 you don't know Jack.

Mrs.Fitz said...

I really like the pink and brown owl! So cute.