Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Random things for today...

I have been invited into the world of testing. It is the greatest thing!
I get sent patterns and then all I have to do is make them and send in reviews.
It's great! I won't review them here... but just show what I made.

This is a cute, little, tie top romper for Miss Alyssa Grapes... it's 6-12 months... so it will be a while until she can wear it.. but I like it. I've always loved this fabric!

here is a little, shirred, ruffle princess skirt that was origionally going to be for Emma... but it's a little short even for Lucy... so it's going to Alyssa, too.
I'm going to make a matching onesie and bow eventually.

and look at these cute, birthday badges from pickle pie designs.
With all the summer birthdays coming up... I thought I'd get a head start on these. I want to make one for all the babies.

Now... after I made this I realized I made them wrong... oops! I was talking to Sharon while I was doing it and not paying attention. So, I will have to make some more the right way. But I still like them anyways. They're not quite as cute as these.... which is what they're supposed to look like.

but still cute.

Wanna see my project for nap time???

To watch this awesome video my Mom sent me... yeah... go ahead, laugh it up.
I know... my boobs are huge.

Anyways... hopefully this will help me make a pretty dress for Megan's wedding. I hope so. I really want to make this one.

and here's a cute picture of William and Lucy the other night.
Lucy said, "William... I want to lay on you."
He's the best big brother.


Mom said...

Birthday badges are really cute. The pillowcase gown is cute. The skirt is cute but really really short.