Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Sewing for today, yesterday, and the day before that

Finished Alyssa's outfit.
I didn't have a suitable model... :( .... so I had to use a build a bear.
The applique flower design came from Designs by Juju- I use those all the time.
The fabric came from Mom's sewing room- thanks Mom and the headband came from Wal Mart and then I just made the little bow. The ribbon is from Hobby Lobby.

I really like this little outfit... I hope Liz does.

Yesterday night:
Finally fixed this old dress of Rachael Fraser's to fit Ella. She's been asking me for months. All I did was chop some length off and add some rows of shirring to the back. It took about 10 minutes max. She loves it!!!! Thanks Rachael!

the day before that:
finished the flower girl dresses... but I just got to photographing them this morning. As well as, putting the clippies on the flower hair thingies... which I'm not sure I like with this dress. They looked much better before I mutilated them and tore them apart to scrimp on petals. That was a bad idea. But I'm not going to take them apart twice. I'll let Megan decide if she likes them.
I do like the little, plaid covered buttons I put in the center... can you see those in the pictures???

Oh... and I did watch the Full Busted DVD yesterday... the kids whined the whole time. But I loved it... and modified two more of my patterns. Now I just need to cut some out and put them together!
Maybe during naptime. I'm starving for now.


Mom said...

Love Alyssa's new outfit. Cute. Rachael's dress is to funny- love the built in tatas. The flower girl dresses are cute.