Friday, May 15, 2009

Some of our fun in Dallas

Here's the important things about a slumber party if you're two or three:
1. you have to take a bath in Grandma's tub- with bubbles of course
2. you have to watch some sort of Barbie movie
3. you have to get donuts in the morning
4. you have to have make-up

check, check, check, and check... man! I'm the queen of slumber parties!

Look how cute they are in their little nightgowns.... amazingly enough... I didn't make any of them.

and then check out these adorable pictures of my nieces, Hailey and Alyssa.
Aren't they beautiful? Hailey really is this sweet to her sister, too. That wasn't for the camera.... just precious. I'm so glad I caught that on film.

and... look how cute these pretty aprons look on my sister in law, Sharon and niece, Emma. Cute, cute, cute! Those aprons are just tooo pretty to clean in!

and... I really did work on the flower girl dresses.
Here's the proof.

They are not pressed yet.... still trying to figure out what setting to iron that plaid on... I'm afraid to melt it.
Got any tips??? Let me in on em.

Got a big school party to go to tonight... the kids can't wait.
There's gonna be candy!


Mom said...

Slumber paties are greatness.
Flower Girl dresses looking great.
Aprons are adorable.

Mrs.Fitz said...

Mom puts a towel between the iron a delicate fabric.