Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Spring Fest and some flower clippies

The Spring Fest was a blast! William is such a little social butterfly... it always cracks me up when we're at his school functions. He's the little life of the party.
He dunked his principal in the dunking booth, which gave him the thrill of his life.
The kids had soda and candy and tattoos... and Lucy got her fingernails painted. So, overall they loved it, but were VERY tired when it was over.

Look at the girls... they fell asleep on the floor.

and here are the little flower clippies I made for their hair.
I've seen these around and always admired them... and decided to just make some.
All I did was pull the plastic thingies off some fake flowers... mix them up... sew a small piece of grossgrain ribbon to the back of the flower... sew the buttons in the center and hot glue the clip to the ribbon. Easy peasy!... and how cute are those??? Ella LOVES the huge one!

and last, but not least, check out these cute pictures of Ella... she is finally posing for me. I love it!

Mom made that little uniform for my little sister Judy when I was in the forth grade. Can you see the name in the corner??? Talk about vintage.


Mom said...

Spring Fest looks fun. Not so sure about the giant flowers on the head. Judy's old uniform is classic. Was that one from your seventh grade cheering? Did Judy know she would be a Baylor Bear back then.

John said...

Where is Jerry's hair?

Mrs.Fitz said...

Looks like a great day!