Monday, May 4, 2009

T-shirt day!

It was a Jacob weekend.
He's really into his sesame street t-shirts again and cries if they aren't clean.
So I decided he needed some more.
William and I had so much fun making these. We made a bunch while the girls were napping yesterday.

William made this one all by himself. He drew the picture and colored it (with fabric crayons) and then we ironed it on. I must say... I love this one!!!!

This one is my favorite though. I'm a little partial to super Grover. It also took the longest to make. I traced a picture of Grover- blew it up on the wall with my overhead projector- traced it off the wall and made pattern pieces. Traced those onto my wonder under and then cut out and appliqued each piece by machine. I freehanded the design on the helmet... which took FOR-EV-ER! But I really love how this one turned out!

Of course, he had to have another Cookie Monster one. This file came from tigerlilyhillembroidery designs on ebay. I just stitched him out on a piece of felt and then zig zagged that to the t-shirt... because I really hate hooping ready to wear clothes.

This one is Charley from Maisy... and I didn't realize until after that I spelled Charley wrong. I know Jacob will know... since he's five and reads like a fifth grader... but... he'll just have to think I'm stupid. I don't want to change it.
We used crayons for this one too- I just freehanded Charley and then William colored him- iron- vwala!- done. I love this one too- it looks a little distressed. cool.

and of course, little panda bear, from the Maisy books too- I used wonder under and fabric paint for this little guy. Isn't he cute??? I hope Jakey will sing the song for me!!!

and then here's a few things for baby Megan's bridal shower......

this little t-shirt (that she'll probably have no use for... but I like it!)
Used wonder under and regular machine for this.

and then this little note card portfolio... the design is from sewingforsarah and them I just added the little felt hearts and the tag from digistitches... have I mentioned I love those???

Aren't the cards cute? I got those at Target. Love Target!

I'm going home this week!!! Hooray... just me and the girls. Texas, here we come!

Can't wait for 24 tonight!


Grandma said...

William -I love the shirts you made for Jacob. I know he'll just love them so much. Grandma is so proud of you for doing such a fantastic job. Love Ya,

Mom said...

Nicole- Super Grover is well just Super. Love him

Mom said...

Megan's little notebook is adorable. Love how you used her wedding colors.

Liz said...

I love all of them. William is so sweet to make that for Jacob. Just precious! Oh and Jacob is 6 now.. ;)

megan said...

i loove all jake bake's shirts! so cute and i love my stuff too thanks!!