Saturday, May 2, 2009

This is how we do it!

Before I show you anything I made today...
I'm gonna answer the burning question in everyone's mind.
The question that I get asked all the time.....
How do you do it???? How do you get so much sewing done with little kids???

The answer is simple... I just do. I live for my family and I live for sewing. So I do it all in the living room.

I don't worry about keeping the house spick and span... except my bedroom- which has to be picked up for my husband's sanity. Bless him. I could live in total chaos.

But we just hang out and play in the kitchen and the living room mostly all the time.
I can sing to them and play Barbies and give them snacks while I'm working. I can see them clearly while I'm sewing and also keep an eye on the embroidery machine if it's going.
Sometimes, the kids venture off to their bedrooms and mess it up... but I don't worry about that until the end of the week......

then we are left with this......

so... that's how we do it.
Thank goodness I have a husband who let me convert half of our house into my sewing room! He hates it. But he tolerates it.

anyways.... here's what I made today. It's not much... but we like it.

Alyssa needed a big, headband flowery thingy for the wedding so I thought I would practice making one for Boo's. She's been wanting some of those for a while.
It was simple!!! I just pulled the plastic part out of the fake flower (that was a leftover from one of the zillion bouquets she has) and hand sewed it to a button and a small piece of grossgrain ribbon- then I just hot glued the ribbon around the headband... once I figured out where I wanted the flower. Easy peasy! and Ella Loves it!!!

Here's some pictures of Ella's flowers for Nanny!

That dress Ella is wearing was a .31 remnant from Wal-Mart... talk about a bargain.

and here is something I picked up for Lucy at Hobby Lobby last week.
Anyone who knows Lucy knows that there couldn't be a truer saying for her.

Now... I guess I have to get to those rooms.


Janay said...

Thank you. You just made me feel so much better -- I am not alone! :)

Denise Anderson said...

I'm glad to see you keeping it real. That's about as real as my house right now. But I really enjoy seeing your sewing wish I could sew like that. Maybe if I sewed more. Thanks for letting us in your world. Keep sewing.

jellaan said...

I had to laugh as I saw the pictures of the kids' kids' room have gotten bad too, but I make them at least put everything in their closet so I'm not tripping over everything in the middle of the night when I check on them. I am amazed you get so much done....I wish I could be that motivated!! One of these days!! Thanks for sharing your world!!

Mom said...

Love Ella's flower thing. Lucy's little sign is perfect.

Liz said...

Love the flower!! Alyssa thinks she will be so pretty!!