Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tuesday for Tenley

My little niece Tenley will be turning three the day after Megan's wedding.
So, I've been working on her birthday present today.
Here's some of it.... I love it!

The ladybug fabric and ribbon is from Hobby Lobby. The polka dots is some leftover from Lucy's 'I love Lucy' dress and the pattern is the round neck apron dress from Portebello pixie. It's the 7th time I've made that pattern and I still love it!
The embroidery file on the apron came from a sweet lady at sew forum named Cindy. Her daughter and she run this website. They are so nice and give so freely on sewforum. Thanks so much Cindy! I love this little applique.

The bows to match... (Tenley has beautiful hair!)

and look at this adorable birthday badge I made to match. The embroidery design for this comes from Pickle Pie designs.
I messed up the ladybugs on one side... but I still love it!!!!

Only a couple more little things to make and then I'm done with Tenley.


Mom said...

ONe of the cutest dresses you've ever made. So so cute.

Uta said...

Soooo adorable. The dress. And the girl! Love the combination with the polka dots.

Jenn said...

Lucy's poses are getting as cute as Ella's! And love the dress. So adorable.

Kourt said...

i would've LOVED this as a little girl...stuffing my kitty suprise with rolly pollies!