Tuesday, May 5, 2009

a UFO in progress...

okay... so I cut this dress out in January... oh man...
and I'm just now getting to it.

Ella got this really beautiful Christmas Barbie from Grandma for Christmas and I decided to make her a dress to match... it just got thrown to the wayside. Which is really a shame, too, because it is super tight now and Lucy has NO use for it.

It's only partially done... but I think it will be really pretty when I ever finish it.

I used an ice skating costume Jalie pattern that my Mom bought me. It's #2791, I just moved the skirt around a bit, kept the undies out of it and didn't use the mesh thingy at the top of the bodice. Instead, I just put some black stretchy lace around the top. Mom bought the fabric for me... I think from JoAnn's... but I could be wrong. I just can't remember.

Anyways... Ella loves this dress already and keeps stealing it off my sewing desk. I tell her it's not finished yet and she says... well finish it.... but.....I'm too excited about going to Texas to sew.

Oh... and How long do you think their room will look like this???


Michelle Riley said...

When are you coming to TEXAS?? We have to see each other!

Beth Conky said...

It should stay clean for a week. But I'm pretty sure my extra room won't. Drive safe. Can't wait to see you all.