Thursday, May 21, 2009

What I'm doing as I'm listening to Joe's Blues

We had a big puppet show yesterday and the kids decided they needed some new ones.
So, they each picked some out with their own fabric choices... which I was a little leery of at first... but got used to. (AKA: the superhero in drag and the all pink mermaid) But I believe in letting my kids make their own choices- most of the time.

All of the embroidery designs for the puppets are by sewingforsarah. And I must say, I ABSOLUTELY love her designs. They are cute and they stitch out really nice. Her satin stitch is nice and wide- so you never have any loose fabric poking out and I never have any fabric come loose from the applique. I just can not say enough good things about her stuff. All the people on sewforum think I work for her or something. I DON'T. I just really love her designs and I'm so lucky to have a Mom who buys them all for me! Thanks Mom.

Here's some pictures of the girls playing with their puppets... we love puppets!
and a few extras, because they're actually in clothes today. And I made those shirts using appliques from designs by juju and free applique names from sewforum.
Aren't they cute? I made them last summer- and they still fit! Hooray!

And here's my dress.... that I decided to just make into a seperate shirt and skirt. It's pattern Simplicity 2618. It's a little much for me as an all over print for a dress. I think I may make this dress in a solid... we'll see. My Mom and I used that new DVD to make the FBA and it worked soooo good. I'm really excited! Thanks Mom.

William took these pics of me... aren't they good for 5 year old shots.

and one more thing to show everyone.
Look what I got in the mail!
I just couldn't resist this sweet vintage print. I think I'm going to make myself an apron... I don't know yet. It reminds me of Sharon, but I like it too much to give it to her... sorry Sharon.
I bought it off of etsy from the stockroom and couldn't be more pleased with the customer service. It came quick and wrapped up in pretty tissue, too.
Fabric in the mail is one of the best things in the world.... sigh.

How could I resist this???


Mom said...

Cute cute fabric. who could resist. Puppets are cute. Like the shirt and skirt. The shirt is really cute.

Myra said...

Hi, I need your address, you won the free patterns last Friday from my blogsite. Email me at

Michelle RIley said...

I like your new shirt!! I also really like the girls outfits - can you make those for grown-ups? I want one! I also like your glasses & the all pink mermaid. She's so enchanting! :)