Saturday, May 23, 2009

William's Tiger Jammies!

William had a pajama party at his school last night. (He had a BLAST!!!)
Well... he had to have some new p.j's, right???

I used this AWESOME fabric that I bought at Hancock Fabrics after Halloween. William really wanted it when it was full price... but WOW!... even 75% off it was high for me. But he loved it... and still does. It feels really cool, too.

I had a hard time finding a tiger applique that I liked- even with help from my sewforum friends. I finally decided to go with this cat from SewingforSarah (which is another one of my all time favorites!!! probably my second favorite design- next to the owl)

Now Jerry wants some pants like that.... sigh.

and look what I got in the mail!!!
The snips and snails and sugar and spice are for an order I have to do this week.

the other is just cause I love it.

It's a Henry Alexander print called binky's best friends.
I ordered them from The Virginia Quilter. It's the first time I've ordered from them, but they have lots of cute stuff.


Mom said...

William looks so adorable in those PJ's love them love them love them. Love all the cute pics of him in them. Tell me you're joking about Jerry wanting tiger pj's. If you make him some can I be there when JP sees them. Please. Love the fabrics so cute.