Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Another post today- sewing related....

So... I got a wild hair to clean up my sewing area yesterday.... sigh.
Which is also my living room.... :/

I have four sewing desks in here and only got one cleaned. It probably doesn't look clean to you..... but I promise, it is!
I'm so proud of me.... but I need to keep working because I can't find my favorite sewing tool anywhere... or the front of William's pj pants pattern that I drew off.... ugh.

Anyways... look how pretty it looks.

I'm so excited about this Bobbin thread that my Mom got me while I was in TX. (She got it from All Brands.)

(I love All Brands- that's where I buy my stablilizer from, too. They have quick, cheap shipping, great customer service, send out coupons, and also host my favorite site... sew forum!)

It's Brother and works so much better in my machine. I will NEVER use anything else.
I was having so much trouble with my bobbin thread showing on top of the designs. I tried using more stabilizer, different threads, and adjusting the tension. Nothing worked... but using this bobbin thread. Hooray!!!! Thanks Mom!!!!!

and I got to finally look thru the sewing box that belonged to Jerry's mother.
It has some really cool stuff in it... but my favorites are these patterns from the 70's, the old spools of thread, the packaging on the notions, and these old electric scissors.

I told Jerry that the maternity pattern and the baby blue blanket binding was a message from his Mom... that she wants us to have another baby. I think so.

Even though that maternity pattern would never fit me... Carol was tiny.... I still love it. I think there's something really cool about having it... I keep thinking about how happy she must have been to be pregnant, picturing her shopping (probably with Nannie) for the pattern and the blanket binding... and what can I say. I'm sentimental. It's neat.

and... while I was cleaning my desk, I found this quilt that I cut out in 2005.
I made part of it and then it took it to Mom's so she could finish it and she never did either. So I took it back and finished it yesterday... and the kids love it.
I did a pretty bad job on it... cause I was going so fast... so I'll probably make another one and do it good- and in flannel instead of cotton.

Now... I guess I should work on drafting that french maid apron pattern....


Soukies said...

I am having the same problem with my embroidery machine with the bottom thread showing up. I am going to order some Brother bobbin thread!

BConky said...

I think Granny and Mack told Carol that was a great idea and you should name him Macarthur. Pretty sure about that.

BConky said...

Love the quilt so cute.

BConky said...

Fun treasures in Carol's basket. Neat.

meredithp said...

I had some of those electric scissors in my "youth". They were loud, but worked really well.