Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Dressing up!

There are two favorite pastimes in my kids repertoire of playtimes right now.
1. Honeymoon- thanks to Megan and Lance's recent trip to Mexico and...
2. Dressing up- and having Mommy paint their face.

Is this not the cutest dog you've ever seen???

Ella and William daily go on Honeymoons.... William as a dog and Ella as a 'lady'.

Today after I painted their faces... William went to look in the mirror and exclaimed, "Mom, I look like a REAL dog!"... Ella proceeds to the mirror after him and says... in a most dramatic voice and another accent- another favorite things right now.... "I look like a REAL WOMAN, a REAL human!"

hahahahahahahahahha... kids are funny.

Lucy's just happy as long as she has lipstick and her new Hannah Montana hair from Grandma.

Have you ever seen her happier???


BConky said...

Love it. But even Megan didn't take her dogs on her honeymoon.