Friday, June 26, 2009

Freaky Friday

I have to admit that I'm in a little bit of a funk knowing that Michael Jackson is gone. I can't explain it. I just feel sad. I've always been a fan- despite my Mom's feelings about him.

This is what I worked on today, despite the funk...

two new shirts for Jakey:
***The spongebob applique is from one of my favorite sites!***

a little Christmas cat softie (from sewing for sarah):

Pookie likes it, too.

and these are from yesterday:
appliques to make 4 storybook dresses for a customer (designs also by sewing for sarah)who admired my dresses on sewforum.

and... I didn't blog yesterday because we had a fun filled day.

Well... we got a little package in the mail!
My Grandaddy Conkwright sent the kids some new Kentucky clothes and they could not wait to put them on.
They wore them to mall play area... except Lucy- hers was falling off.
But she had to have a 'tucky' outfit, too, and I didn't realize until we got to the play area how short this one was... wooo hooo Lucy. So, I guess Lulu is in between sizes for her UK outfits at the moment. Her old one is toooo short and the new one is toooo big. Toooo funny!


Denise Anderson said...

I love the spongebob applique can you tell me where you got it.

Cole's Corner said...

I edited the blog to add that information for you.
Thanks so much.

Mom said...