Friday, June 19, 2009

Fun Fridays!

I went to the dentist yesterday! I love getting my teeth cleaned!

(We're watching The Smurf's right now....)

...then we went grocery shopping and stopped by Hancock Fabrics, too.
I had to get a zipper and some thread for this Minnie Mouse dress I made Boo's last night- following-
and I picked up a couple of other things... :/
I can't help it.

Dress Pattern: Butterick 4715
Polka dot fabric: Wal Mart- years ago
Minnie and Mickey fabric: Hancock Fabrics- sold out
Embroidery file: Stitch on time

I've had this dress cut out for a while. It is Ella's, in what is supposed to be brother/sister matching outfits. They've been a huge pain in the (you know)
I ran out of fabric and couldn't find it anywhere. But, luckily, Mom found some for me. Then while embroidering Lucy's top, I got a bobbin nest, and then couldn't get it back in the same place... ugh!!!!! So her Minnie Mouse has no eyelashes or eye outline. I'm still trying to decide if it looks good enough to use or if I should cut into William's shorts fabric to make a new top.... ????

I still haven't worked on my french maid apron pattern- but I have a little motivation now. There's a contest going on at Pattern Review for drafting your own pattern. I'm thinking about doing it and entering it in the contest. We'll see.
I've never done a contest on there, but Mom did and she won 2nd place! Pretty cool.

...and here's a little hand towel I made for the fourth of July. The design was free on sewforum and the fabric came from Wal-Mart. This is a pretty bad picture... but I'm already using the towel in the bathroom.

Now... I have to figure out what to do for Jerry for Father's Day this weekend.


Janay said...

What a cute dress!!! I wish I could whip out entire ensembles as fast as you do.
Are you comfortable doing freehand satin stitches? I think I'd attempt that on the eyelashless MM before starting all over. What do you have to lose??

BConky said...

I agree with Janay. Do whats left by hand. Ella's dress is adorable. Love your little towel-to cute.

BConky said...

I'd enter Ella's dress in the children's contest on PR.