Tuesday, June 16, 2009

It's not a TX Tuesday.... :(

I'm back home... in stinky ol' Arkansas...

I'm so sad.... all my beautiful nail polish is coming off.
I got my first manicure and pedicure before my little sister's wedding and it was soooo much fun!!! I also got a spray tan... another first. It was fun, too.
I like being pampered... I could get used to that.

Jerry's grandmother gave me a little 'girl' money before the wedding, so I splurged. (Thanks Nannie!) I also bought the fabric for my dress- that Mom made the Friday morning for the wedding on Saturday....

reminds me of prom and homecoming... Mom was always working up until the last minute!

So.... I've been trying to get back into a routine, clean the house a little, and finish up some projects.

Here's what I've been working on:

Finished up this Mickey Mouse blanket as a custom order for my etsy shop
The applique file is from Stitch on time.

I made this little apron for a very good friends grandaughter.
The fabrics are from JoAnn's... which I was so happy to go to while I was in TX!
The applique is my favorite cupcake from designs by juju.
I didn't use a pattern... just winged it.

Ella is wearing the dress up dress that Grandma made her while we were in TX.
Mom sent me that fabric from fabric.com and I was taking too long to make it.... so Ella packed it in her suitcase and asked Grandma to make it for her. Isn't it cute!
See all the pattern info and more photos on my mom's blog- Cat's and Calico.

and here are some little Barbie doll accessories I made for the girls in TX. I got the files from sewing for sarah and have many more to make. I bought the whole set of fashion doll files so that I can make a bunch of Barbie clothes for Boo's Birthday in August. She is very into that right now. I like them, too... but I hate changing them 50 million times.... ugh. I've always loved Barbies, though. I secretly played with them in high school..... remember that Michelle! :)

This one is the butterfly wings and each girl picked out their fabrics and threads. Ella picked 'Jack' fabric.... :/... I know. weird.
Hailey picked blue 'sphotty' and Lucy picked pink leopard.
They were really fun to make and easy, too.

Today I'm working on drafting a pattern- a first for me really.

I made this little french maid apron for Megan for her bridal shower and I've had some interest in it. However, I didn't use a pattern for Megan's... I just tore and sewed fabric until I liked it....
anyways... I'm gonna try to draft a pattern for me and then size it down so that I can make some more for my etsy shop.

So... that's what's on the to-do list for today... and take a shower... which I'm gonna do right now- cause Jerry's home for lunch!


Denise said...

Glad you had a good time with your family. But i'm glad you are home sewing I love to see all your creations. Just wish I was you neighbor I need some help on my sewing but i'm all the way in Tennessee.

Michelle Riley said...

I do remember...you guys had that pool, even remember the swimsuit I had that year! Also, I remember John letting your dog, Katy, in the pool & your mom was not happy! I don't remember our Barbies looking that good though. Their hair was a mess and they were worn out!! That was a fun summer.