Wednesday, June 24, 2009

More shirts for Jakey

Jacob loved his shirts sooo much I had to make him some more!
I'm bribing him with the Bear in the Big Blue House one... because I really want to hear him sing the Goodnight Song. According to his parents, he sings it before bedtime every night. Isn't that cute!!!

William and I made these today using some fabric markers.
They were super fun to make. I can't wait to give them to Jake Bake.

Here's some photos of us in our new pool:

We had so much fun in it last night. I ran to the store (hobby lobby, wal mart, and hancocks.... yes.... I got some fabric!!!! :))while Jerry was hanging out with the kids and then when I got home I jumped in with them- fully clothed.

William thought that was the COOLEST!!!
Then we grilled hot dogs. ..... summer days! the best.

I'm not sewing much today.... you remember how the house gets when I sew a lot???? Well.... we're there again. Time to clean the kids rooms. Boo.