Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My projects today and yesterday

I got a LOT of sewing done last night.
The crazy summer schedule finally caught up with the kids and they ASKED to go to bed last night at 6:30. So after a quick bath and lots of reading books, they were all asleep by 8:00- and I was up until 12:30 working on stuff!

It was glorious. The hum of my machine, Pookie purring around my feet and the soothing sounds of true country on the satellite t.v. ........ Nice.

I got Emma's swim suit cover up finished- to go with Hailey's.

I also finished Lucy's little capri's for her Minnie Mouse dress/shirt thingy.

I also made from start to finish... this little I love Lucy dress for Lucy.
I don't know why... she doesn't need any clothes. I've just been dying to make it for her ever since Mom gave me the fabric. I love it, too!
The I love Lucy fabric came from fabric.com
The red and white polka's came from Hobby Lobby and
the applique file was digitized by my little sister.

The pattern is a vintage McCall's that I changed a LOT!!!!

I also got a few pajama pants cut out for W. I finally found the pattern I was looking for! Hooray. It was right where I left it... duh.
and still had time to read some of my romance novel before bed, too.
It's a cute one... with a Cowboy for the lead... ya'll know how I love cowboys!

...and this morning I made this little onesie for Madison- my best friend growing up's little girl-
Jason sent me some pictures of her in a tutu... and they were darling... but the poor baby doesn't have a shirt on.... and sent they got her pictures made with the blanket I made her... I just had to make her a shirt to go with her tutu!

Here's the shirt:

Here's the beauty:

I started working on William's Mickey Mouse shirt to go with the girls... when.... Ugh! I got up to do something and the machine started eating the t-shirt.
I hate embroidering t-shirts!!!!!
I had to do Madison's twice, too... because I got it slightly sideways and I wanted it perfect... eh. I'll just cut it up and make undies. But the Mickey is a wadder!
Pooh... and now I have to go back to Hobby Lobby to get another t-shirt.
oh well... maybe I can get some of their new Christmas fabrics... ahhhh.

One more little note: get on your kids good side.
Throw some mini chocolate chips in the pancake batter.
You're kids will love you and chant: "you're the best Mom ever!!!!"
That was our morning.

Here's our breakfast of champions:

Jerry will be home for dinner tonight! Hooray!


BConky said...

The pancakes are making me hungry. Love Lucy's "I Love Lucy" dress- to cute. Love the pants for Lucy's mouse outfit. And Emma Daisy's cover up is adorable. Jason's little girl is a cutie pie and so is her new top you made.