Monday, June 29, 2009

This is soooo fun!

I love this new design by Pickle Pie designs!
I downloaded the file and made it right awasy.

Isn't this the cutest eyeglass case you've ever seen.
I started making it for my Mom... but it was sooo cute I had to keep it for me.
Sorry Mom. I'll make you one later.

The fabric came from a scrub top that my Mom bought and I made into a little apron for Lucy. I only had scraps left. sad. I love that fabric!


Lindsey Ramage said...

You make the cutest stuff! I am looking for a pattern that makes "CUDDLE BLANKETS" some people call them baby "STAR Blankets" They have legs for the baby and the arms wrap around and a little hat, kinda shaped like a star. Have you ever seen a pattern for this! I am have my baby in 2 weeks on July 13th crazy! Making a hooter hider and trying to make this blanket before she comes!

Mom said...

Love it. So cute.

Cole's Corner said...

Try these: