Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wedding pictures

The wedding was so much fun! The weather was beautiful, the bride was beautiful... and of course the kids were beautiful!
I was in charge of making all 5 of the flower girl dresses, a matching dress for baby Alyssa, three neckties for the ring bearers, the ring pillow (which Judy ending up making) and my dress (which Mom ended up making)
I never would have chosen the colors or styles that Megan did... but I loved it!
See for yourself.....

I have been sewing today... so I will.... finally.... have some creations for you guys tomorrow!


Mrs.Fitz said...

Oh my so beautiful, I weepy looking at the pics. I'm so happy for Megan and Lance!!!!!

BConky said...

Good job on the dresses, pillow and head bows. Love them.