Monday, July 20, 2009

As requested... party pictures

I'm in trouble for not putting any birthday pictures on yet... so here they come!

Here is the bunch wearing the Mickey Mouse brother/sister outfits I've been working on for a while. Remember... when making William's... my embroidery machine ate his shirt and I couldn't get that color again. He asked me to make his for his birthday party- so I used this old sleep shirt. It's not really the color I wanted and it's also a little shorter than I would like... but he likes it, so... I'm happy.

And I was late to Chuck E Cheese because I had to make some new bows for the girls. I hadn't made any to match their outfits yet.

They were so excited to go to Chuck E Cheese, that I actually got some really good shots of them!

and here are a few shots from Chuck E Cheese...

... where a kid can be a kid.


Liz said...

what cute kids! I especially like the adorable baby ;)
So much fun!!!

Mrs.Fitz said...

Looks like all the kids had a blast. Hope you recover soon :)

Denise Anderson said...

Looks like everyone is having a great time. You and your mom look alike, you both have great smiles.