Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Emma Daisy and new receiving blanket sets

Look how cute my niece is! This is Emma Daisy (my big brother's little girl)
She is sooo much fun... I just want to take her home with me. For real.

I made this dress and these bows for her birthday last year and then I decided I didn't like it and made her something totally different for her birthday outfit.

What was I thinking??? This outfit is adorable!!! Doesn't she look so cute!
I've never seen it on Emma- because we moved away from Texas :(
So I was so excited to see her wearing it this morning!

Isn't she sassy!

Emma is... among other things... an amazing artist for her age. I just realized this yesterday when she drew me an amazing picture of a cat. I am sooo proud.
I just have to show everyone. Plus, everyone is trying to steal it from me... and hey... sorry, it's mine! But you can save this jpeg if you want to have your own copy.

I love the little eyeballs and the whiskers. Too cute. And darn good, too.

well... I did dive into my JoAnn's fabric spree shopping bag and work on these receiving blanket sets for my etsy store. I am really happy with how they turned out and love my addition of the toys!

Although I think they are better to give to jealous brother and sisters than the babies. Babies never play with toys anyways!
***All flannel fabrics are from JoAnn Fabrics****

This set is for a little boy: the baby bear softie is from picklepie designs, but I left off the heart and wanted to put a star, but didn't have one :(

This set is for a little girl: the hippo softie is from sewingforsarah, but I don't like the feet on that design... I think they look like duck feet... so I added the heart from the picklepie bear softie.

This set is also for a little girl: the little flower toy is from the purple hat and I must say, again, that it stitches like a dream. So cute! I really love the fabrics on this set, it's so now.

and one more surprise today:
Look at this adorable star softie that will soon be available from pickle pie designs. I love the little eyelashes on it... reminds me of Rainbow Brite and Carebears (which anyone who knows me, knows I love)
I want to hang this little guy on the Christmas tree!
and I want to make a little baby toy to go with a baby set, too.
Ooooohhhh... the wheels are spinning!

More to do, more to do.
I love Texas.
I get to see my other little adorable niece today, too.


Mrs.Fitz said...

Emma's such a doll! Love those baby sets.

BConky said...

Emma is adorable. Love the toys and blankets. YES TEXAS is the greatest. Move home.

Kourtney Holbrook said...

I'm seriously impressed with how much work you've gotten done