Friday, July 17, 2009

A few of the finished birthday presents...

because some are in the 1/2 finished phase...

There's just too much going on. I don't have time to complete everything.

But... here are the completed handmade gifts for William.

His favorite... the ninja costume! It's pattern McCall's 2941 and he originally wanted view E- but I somehow got away with just the regular ninja costume... although, he wouldn't let me applique a cutsy ninja to the front :( Daddy will be so proud. The fabric I used is some old, like stretch twill from Mom's stash.

and here's some photos of William and Dylan fighting- or being ninjas- or whatever you call it.

Then... here's the 2nd favorite thing- the jaguar stuffed animal. William is VERY into the big cats... he always has been. I made this one using the sewing for sarah jumbo quicky softies on Mom's big hoop- I love it- and some of this awesome minkie that she ordered from

Then there's the little ninja's- my favorite. The file is from Sewn for you designs. I am going to make some more of these for little party favors for his party on Sunday. I love them.

And here's a tooth pillow. William is not even close to having a loose tooth- but he want's to be prepared. He's been asking me for one ever since Jakey lost a tooth.
The file is from Shari Marie Creations. Though, my Mom bought it and I can't find it on the site....I love being able to use Mom's 6X10 hoop and designs! Yea! I didn't read the directions and I messed up a little bit... but eh.. it's fine. And I used glow in the dark thread for the tooth- which is really cool. W loves it!

And here's probably the coolest one I made- it's an in the hoop DS organizer. The file is from sewing for sarah. It's the second time I've made one of these- the first one DID NOT work. I used too much batting and I hated the vinyl on it. This time I used felt as the batting and omitted the vinyl. Viola! Much better! I love how it turned out!... now if only someone will buy me a (pink) ds..... :)

... the uncompleted projects are some eco friendly sandwich bags with napkins and some p.j's- all the pants are done... but not the matching shirts. Maybe by Monday. We'll see.... and I just remembered that I made William some puppets, too, and forgot to give them to him- or take a picture.... hmmmmmm

and maybe I'll post some pictures from his birthday party, too.


Chelsi said...

Oh my gosh, your things are SOOO cute!! Do you have your own embrordering machine??

Cole's Corner said...

Yes, I do. I borrowed the money from my parents and then paid them back little by little. I love it!

BConky said...

I think they were all big hits.