Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Look what I got!

After 10 years of asking... I finally got a bouquet of roses!!!!!
Aren't they beautiful?... and isn't everyone sooo proud of Jerry.

I think he had a little help from the kids. ahahahahhahaha. I've been waiting for that day!

Photo courtesy of William Scott: he's getting pretty good, huh.

... and of course, Ella had to have her picture made with the flowers we were sharing.

... and she had to kiss Daddy, too.

... and here's the kids... very excited about going out to eat!

So... if you want the read about our anniversary date... let me just tell you, it was a little bit of a flop.

We went to Outback Steakhouse, which is my ABSOLUTE favorite restaurant. I worked there for almost 3 years while I was in college and had the best manager in the world. It has ruined me a little bit for going out to eat, because I expect so much.

Anyways... first off I made the mistake of ordering something new. I tried the salmon. It looked good on the menu and I NEVER order fish at restaurants. So... I thought I'd try it.

eh. It was okay- but nothing like their steak. I mean... what was I thinking anyways???

Then we get the dessert- a sampler. Wow. They didn't put the chocolate shavings on the thunder, and the cheesecake was not only, completely frozen, but they left off the sauce on the top.

and to make the evening worse... Lucy had to go to the bathroom. So I was holding her and as soon as I stepped in the bar- Bang!- I fell straight to the floor! I mean, like a cartoon- it happened so fast. When I fell holding Lucy- her head fell back to the hard wood floor- she was a little upset, to say the least.

Well, other than a big knock on the head for Lucy and for me, a bruised elbow and a soreness, like I just had a car accident.... we were okay.

But no one came to check on us! The manager did not even come over. I was shocked!
They didn't have any one clean the floor or put down a mat or anything.
Man! Laura (the proprietor at Outback in Lewisville) would have been right on top of that. I just kept playing in my head what would have happened at our store. There would have been a bus boy there immediately mopping up, a mat placed on top of the spot and for sure a manager's visit at the table. Incredible.

So... if you're still reading. I think you should go to the Outback in Lewisville and pay Laura a visit for being the absolute best restaurant manager in the world.
Just pat her on the back for me, okay.

On our limited budget, we rarely go out to eat. So it's such a bummer to have a bad experience. Oh well..... that's all for that.

We had a great time when we came home though.
Ella fell asleep on me on the couch, Lucy was silking my hair, and me and Jerry and William were cracking up at AFV (America's funniest home videos) Man! I love that show.

I think I will sew a little today... I'm not sure.
I've been cleaning up the fabric area and trying to sort stuff out.... overwhelming.


BConky said...

Well I'm so glad you finally got your roses. Seems to me I remember a couple of dozen roses sent when you were young that you hated. I guess it's the giver who matters. Lewisville Outback is great. How's Jerry and Lucy?

Mrs.Fitz said...

Sorry you dinner went poorly. Bravo for Jerry!