Friday, July 3, 2009

Recycled Nightshirt skort for Lulu Beans

I was lucky enough to get to test this epattern for
Although I was skeptical at first... I really love it!

The epattern directions were clear, easy to follow, with great illustrations and this skort turned out super cute.

Here's the little shorts that go underneath... and you use the hem of the t-shirt for the bottom of the shorts- so no hemming that crazy knit. Awesome!

My mom bought this nightshirt for Lucy so that I could cut it up and make something else... and, honestly, it's been hanging around for a while. So, it was really great to use it and .... I still have some scraps left to make her some panties!

I can link to the author's (Ashley Hackshaw) blog, where she has some other fabulous tutorials. It's not listed for sale on YCMT yet.

Lucy's new face is the pouty lips if you haven't noticed. What a ham!

and here's when I asked her to show me the back:

and here is a view of the shorts underneath:

Of course, I had to bribe her with red lipstick to get her to model for me.
She loves it! Daddy hates it. ha

Today I'm working on a shirt for me that I'm pretty excited about. I'm making it out of a boring grey ribbed knit (my Mom got me from but if I like it... I may go crazy with color next time. So Watch Out!

It's McCall's 5819- View B and I think I might make those shorts, too!

Hope everyone has a good independence day!


Ashley said...

I love it! I am so glad you liked the pattern! I have used every shirt in the house to make this skort ;) What cute fabric!


Ashley said...

Just curious....what size did you sew?

Pink & Green Mama said...

Adorable!! My girls would love it if I was nice (or talented) enough to make these for them!! : )

Mom said...

Love the skort. Cute cute cute.

Shari said...

I tested this skort tute too (I'm a friend of Ashley's) and LOVE it, I've already made 2 for my daughter :) I actually ran out of tee shirts to cut up so I went to the thrift store and found some great ones! You did a great job on yours!

Crissie said...

NICOLE!!! CUUUUUUUUTE!!! Lucy sure is getting big, and oh my heck - the pouty face??? You're in trouble girl.

You always totally inspire me with the way that you recycle things. I need to get better at that!