Sunday, July 19, 2009

Some more of William's presents

Here are a few more little things I forgot to take pictures of...

some eco friendly sandwich bags with matching napkin mats... they are done entirely in the hoop- Amazing. I bought this file a long time ago, but have not had a chance to make them... since I have to do them at Mom and Dad's. Man... I really love that 6X10 hoop.

I love the fabrics I used. Ella wants some, too, now... go figure.

and here is the little finger puppet set I made him- this was a big hit. He especially loved the pirate monkey.

Both of the files are from sewing for sarah.

If this sound fuzzy... it's because I have tired, fuzzy brain from a day full of Chuck E Cheese and swimming. I'm so tired! YAWN......

More fun stuff tomorrow... I made myself a maxi dress, finished William's Mickey Mouse outfit to match the girls, and also tested a little shirred dress. Man! I'm productive when I have all the family around to help with the kids!!!