Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Ella's new Kourtney giraffe outfit is done!

... and we all LOVE it. Especially Boo Boo- she's actually wearing the dress this morning. First thing she did was put it on... I love sewing for her... sigh.

this is how she likes to wear it....

The pattern I used for the dress is a vintage Simplicity from the 70's. I love it.
I especially like that it has darts in the back. Ella is so tiny through the back- so it looks really good.

Instead of using store bought trim- I just cut small bias strips and ruffled them up and sewed them to the bodice. The giraffe applique and button covers are from sewing for Sarah- the buttons are from Mom's sewing room- as is the pink polka dots- and the giraffe fabric is from Hobby Lobby- but they carry it at JoAnn's, too.
... I did a hong kong finish on the center back seam, too, with the giraffe. It looks so good- I should have taken a picture of that... oh well. No one would be impressed but Mom- I usually don't take time on stuff like that.

I love the bow, too. I cut some strips of fabric with my pinking shears, because I couldn't find any giraffe ribbon. I love it!

Here's the purse we made to that was the inspiration for everything. Scroll down to the bottom of the post.

I wanted some wider legged pants like the ones on YCMT but I didn't want to spend $10 on a pattern. So... I talked to Mom and she suggested a pajama bottom- perfect. I drafted the pattern without the side seams by placing the front and back together and tracing them off in one. It worked like a charm.

I was hoping to use my new ruffler foot on the ruffles for the bottom- but I can't get the tension right on it and the threads are.... grrrrrrr! Making me so mad. I had to put it up for a couple of days.

this is how I envision her wearing it...

On another note, if you're still reading... I did go to the doctor yesterday and found out that I did not break my finger, but tore the tendon around my knuckle on the index finger on my right hand. It's hard to type, hand sew, untie knots in shoes, and grasp small things... but other than that- it doesn't seem to slow me down.

... and here's some pictures of Lucy yesterday. I just love this skirt and bow I made. Every time she wears it... I'm so proud. Isn't she adorable.


Janay said...

That is so stinkin' cute.

I can't believe how fast you crank out stuff. You've mentioned that you hate stitching on RTW items. That's all I do, I don't have the time or patience to make the clothing items! If we lived closer, I'd offer to stitch on your t-shirts and let you make fabulous dresses for Annaliese!
(hmmmmmm... sounds like I'd win on that "trade", ha!)

Mrs.Fitz said...

Great outfits!

jellaan said...

The outfits are adorable!! Love everything about them!! Do you have a Michael's around you? I think I picked up some giraffe ribbon there out of the $1 ribbon container, although it could be slightly different.

Mom said...

Ella's new outfit is just plain adorable. It's so Kourtney. You'll have to save that outfit for future K-baby's. The bow is so cute. Lucy is the cutest as always.

Kris said...

You make THE CUTEST things for your girls! I am so impressed! What lucky little ones!

Lori said...

What a darling outfit, your daughter looks so precious. Great job on the sewing and creating. Thanks for sharing the link on my blog. Happy sewing.

Debbie said...

I love the clothing you make...even the hair bows. Wow!