Friday, August 14, 2009

Halloween already...

Woo Hoo! I just can't wait.

For those of you who know me personally, know that I LOVE HALLOWEEN!!!
The weather is perfect, it's beautiful outside, it smells like holidays... it's just the beginning of the season. I love the candy, the costumes, the music... everything!

If you want to get into a heated discussion with me... just tell me you don't like Halloween and it's on.

Anyways... I got these adorable appliques from and they were digitized by Kris over at Jesse Kate Designs. Aren't they just the cutest thing! I could not wait to stitch them out.

If you're a fan.. go buy some in my etsy shop!

... and this was supposed to be a birthday present for Ella. But when I finished it yesterday, I could just not wait to give it to her. She is such a fun little girl to sew for. She loves everything I make. Her little eyes get wider (if you can imagine) and she sighs and says, "OH MOM! I loooooooove it!" and she twirls around and it's just the cutest thing in the whole world. This dress took the cake as one of her favorites. I could barely get her to stop spinning for the pictures... hence the blurs.

All the fabric is from Mom (how could I sew without her????)
the black she got at and the pink crushed penne came from JoAnn's.
The Jack applique is from a stitch on time. I love him!

... and I just have to say that I know it's weird that my sweet little four year old daughter loves The Nightmare before Christmas.... but she LOVES Jack... I think because the way he sings. Today I said I was going to be sad when William goes back to school and she said, "I'm not... then I can watch Jack again." (We don't watch it when William is around... because he's very scared of it.)

The pattern I used for this dress is the Twirly Dress- I just added a BUNCH of length.

Hope everyone has a great weekend. Jerry has most the weekend off- which will be fun- but I probably won't get much sewing done!

on another note: I've lost 6 pounds! Yea!


Mom said...

yeah on the six pounds. Go Cole. Love the Jack dress. I think a pink ruffle on the bottom would be adorable.

Kris said...

Oh my goodness!!!! What a sweet surprise to come visit your blog tonight and to see this! You are so awesome and your projects turned out FANTASTIC! I love Halloween, too. Hey, I've got a brand-new Mr. and Mrs. Ghost in-the-hoop softies. I'm going to send them to you just because you're so completely awesome. :)