Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I love testing designs!

What I once thought sounded like a cool idea... has now turned into a part time job for me, but I love it!

I've been so lucky to test some of this great stuff lately.

Check em out:

The first is this knit maxi dress. All the pattern pieces are made from your measurements- so it actually fits my bust... amazing!
Why do my boobs not feel that big... until I look at a picture of them. Whoa.
Embarrassing... thanks Mom.... thanks for the Holbrooks.

Well... this dress was designed to be worn with a layering tee- which I think is totally un-stylish.... but the back is waaaaay down- so there is no way you're wearing this dress without a shirt, jacket, or something... unless you have no boobies and wear no bra with it. Not gonna do that... so I paired it with this black sweater from my closet- but think it would be much cuter with a little shrug or jean jacket.

I wore this out last night and got so many compliments... and even a few cat calls.
Been a while since that happened....

and what about this little dress: made for and modeled by my adorable niece Emma!
It is called the shirred sundress by Aivilio Charlotte and it turned out so cute.
The fabric came from my Mom's sewing room and the embroidery file is from...???
Sorry- it's my Mom's... I don't know where she got it. She was supposed to make a dress for Emma out of this... but I needed to test- so I made it for her.
I love how it came out and so does Emma- although initially, she said, "I don't want an Elmo dress, okay, I want a princess dress!"... she's so sassy and adorable. I love it.

and I also finished up this little purse today from Aivilio Charlotte, too- how cute is it! and I made the whole thing in less than 1.5 hours. Ella loves it! I think I'm going to make an entire ensemble to go with the purse... I can just see it... and it reminds me of my cousin Kourtney. She loves pink and giraffes- she was really the inspiration behind it.

The button covers are from Sewing for Sarah and just came out this week- you can catch them on an intro price right now!

The giraffe fabric came from Hobby Lobby and the pink and white came from my JoAnn's spree.

and then...look at this! Lucy is modeling the skirt I made her on the YCMT website! Go to the second picture on the second row. So cool... and she's so cute! I love this little pattern, too, btw- you should get it.

I'm taking the night off... except for one really fun thing I get to test for Pickle Pie designs!... who will be selling on SWAK pretty soon! She's too nice to brag- but I'm not. It's awesome!!! And look what I get to test tonight... I can't wait! They are sooo cute!

I'll post some pictures of them tomorrow!
I have to workout now... boo.
But I have lost 3 lbs. this week. Woo Hoo. I guess... another 27 to go.


Mom said...

Love the giraffe purse so cute. Your dress is cute.

megangorman said...

make me one of those dresses!!!