Friday, August 28, 2009

I'm not TGIFing it today....

Because that means I'm almost out of time before Boo Boo's birthday. She will be turning 4 on Monday and I'm NOT DONE with her birthday sewing. Plus I have custom orders and a messy house... ahhhhhh.....

So... since I have no time to be on the computer.... you only get two (crappy) photos today... sorry.

This is the dress that I was going to make scroll down it you want to see it... and decided to turn it into a shirt and a skirt.

Well... when I was adjusting the hem on the shirt... I messed up- big time. So this shirt is now in the goodwill pile. No since hanging onto it if I'm never gonna wear it... plus the fabric was super cheap- so no biggie.

But I like the skirt... and I'm skinnier now, so I can fit into this white hand me down sweater from my Aunt Sherri that I've been dying to wear! Woo Hoo for diets and Leslie Sansone walking DVD's.

Lots more stuff to show you guys next week!!!! You'll love it.