Monday, August 17, 2009

It's all about owls week....

This week on my blog I will be doing everything owls!
I know Janay is going to want to kill me.... because I am going to introduce all these adorable new owl designs that she's gonna have to have.... sorry Janay. And of course, I'll have stuff with my favorite owl design of all times. I think I like it because of the eyelashes... to all the digitizers out there- designs with eyelashes and hearts are the best!

My affection for all things owls has to do with my Granny. She loved them and had owl paraphernalia all over their home. They just remind me of her and also of my husbands mother who had owls all over their home. When William was younger, he was afraid of owls and used to make his Grump (Grandpa) turn all the owls around at his house because they were too scary. It was soooo funny!

It seems I've been making many owl things lately- so this entire week will be owl posts. The first is a project that I've been meaning to do for months and months. I bought this in the hoop note card holder from Sewing for Sarah to make a Christmas gift and loved it so much I've been dying to make one for myself. So much so that I kept buying note cards to put in it when I made it- I've accumulated so many note cards that I had to make two of them. They're both pretty stuffed, too.
... I always get carried away. I guess I need to write some notes now. hahahaha

Anyways... here they are.
Here's the buying info for the note card holder from sewing for sarah.
Here is the buying info for this ADORABLE new owl applique by ggdesigns. Gail has a couple of new owls that are just to-die-for and her new website is pretty awesome, too. Plus, she is just a super nice lady- so you should go buy something. This is Ella's favorite owl design.

And here is my other one! I decided to personalize it so no one can steal it!
Here is the purchasing info for this adorable new owl from Pickle Pie Designs. It is special priced at only $3 right now- so go get it!
This is Lucy's favorite owl design.
She has some cutie patootie in the hoop owls to make into hair accessories, too. Those will be coming later in the week! And many other things with this design. I just love it!
Here is the purchasing information for the bewitched font I used for my name. I got it from eight claws and a paw- they have so many great fonts!

Got to get sewing now! And we meet William's new teacher tonight.
He only has two days left of summer vacation... sigh... I'm sad. :(


Janay said...

Ha, ha! I won't hate you!

You are in luck -- I've seen these designs before, so I didn't sigh really loudly when I saw your post, just an "Ahhhh..." because you did a great job. :)

Now, I suppose it all depends on what else you post this week... I may change my tune later...